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Today our customer representative Yu Lihua, aka Xiao Yu, received a phone call from a subscriber to the print edition, Mariella Bridpo. She was trying to pay the subscription fee at our office. It turned out she was calling from nearby the Parkson Department Store along Huaihai Road, which is about a 15-minute walk from our office tower.

Later we realized she misheard our office address No. 755 Weihai Road as No. 755 Huaihai Road. After about 20 minutes’ walk and crossing the fly-over on Yan’an Road, she made it. To make up for the trouble, Xiao Yu treated Ms Bridpo to lunch in the building’s canteen – not too bad if you haven’t been eating two meals a day, six days a week there for six years.

This is just another example showing that one major challenge for expats living in Shanghai is understanding and remembering location names correctly. This will be part of the service that ShanghaiDaily.com would like to provide in the future to help all visitors, subscribers and non-subscribers alike, to live better locally and know more about this amazing and ever-growing city.
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As the site goes live...

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