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Good rest, best wishes

“All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy.” After a whole year of hard work, our reporters, editors and staff members have made the proper preparations for their Spring Festival holidays, and also, the best wishes for the year of dog.

As a person who is willing to serve people with strong curiosity, I just published part of them for the reference of our loyal readers. Maybe you will get something useful or just learn more about the stories behind our daily newspaper.

Zhang Hong, one of our deputy editors in chief, who worked for the Xinmin Evening News for more than seven years, will have a chance to enjoy her first Spring Festival holiday after years of overtime.

“I will stay at home with my family,” she said. “Take some time to work on the plot of a novel for youngsters, which has the similar style as Jacqueline Wilson.” “It will also be a good chance for me to think about some of my fair tales,” she added.

Lao Chen, a staff member of our circulation department, who will continue his work during holidays, said he wants better pay and good health in the coming year.

Zhang Shunyi, the up-loader of our online department will take a trip with his family to Shaoxing, home town of Lu Xun, "Father of Modern Chinese Literature," and his grandfather. “We decided to have the holidays there for a traditional Spring Festival,” he said. “I wish to make achievements on my English studies.”

Gu Yan, our secretary, may go much further than others during the festival. She will go to Hainan Province to spend a warmer holiday with sandy beaches, sunshine and seafood. Before setting off, she made a New Year wish for herself, “I wish to make progress everyday.”

Zhang Yi, our securities reporter, wishes to become stronger and decided on engaging his girl friend who is also his former classmate when they studied in the same middle school.

Tian Yi, one of the columnists of our opinion department, will use the week long holiday to improve her cooking skills, especially for desserts and pastry. She will also be doing surveys about the homosexual community in Shanghai to arouse more about societies concerns, but of course not during the holiday.

Liu Qi, head of our feature department, wished to have a year full of satisfaction. She also planned to have a trip with her friends during the festival.

Dong Zhen, one of our loveliest reporters, plans to visit the cinema with her boyfriend to enjoy watching the film “King Kong,” along with enjoying each other’s company in their own sweet love story.

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