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Be not frightened, this picture is not taken in an emergency room! It's not a warning of another outbreak of bird flu or SARS, either. We just want you to pay attention to your health, readers.

The ShanghaiDaily.com team has been stricken by sickness this week, and the team boss Guo Min is suffering from headaches brought on by the lack of manpower.

The two handsome guys in the picture are our techies Zhu Moqing and Xiao Bai, and the veiled beauty is our “shopping queen” Winny Wang.

Shanghai had two of the coldest days this autumn after more than two weeks of wet weather. The terrible weather has made half of our team fall ill. Zhu and Wang both had fevers yesterday and Xiao Bai is suffering from a bad cold.

To prevent a further spread in the newsroom, Guo asked them to wear gauze masks.

We'd like to remind our readers to be vigilant of their health. Health is a key to happiness, though it’s often neglected.

Shanghai is experiencing a season change, and a noticeable mercury drop is in the forecast over the weekend… so bundle up.

Perhaps you’re busy and only have time to grab fast food, or you hate carrying an umbrella so you get wet in the rain, but the tips we provide below won’t take much time.

- Please drink warm water and avoid eating cold food as much as possible

- Keep your office and home well ventilated. Fresh air is conducive to your health and helps keep you from picking up other people’s germs

We also want to thank Zhu, Xiao Bai and Winny. They kept on working, despite illness. We wish them a quick recovery!

And, to all our readers, we wish you good health!
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