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Some visitors couldn’t access our Website in the morning (Beijing Time), but the problem has been successfully solved.

With a seven hour wait-time starting from 9am, we figured that many of our readers suffered from “extreme patience loss,” since they subscribed to be our users or got used to reading our stories daily.

The online department of Shanghai Daily is very sorry for the glitch, which was caused by a technical malfunction in China Telecom. One of its core routers collapsed and limited the global access to about 400 servers.

Unfortunately, the two servers which run ShanghaiDaily.com are among the 400.

Our technicians discovered that the traffic from several regions or domestic cities, such as North America, Shanghai and Beijing, were affected. However, the majority of our readers, especially in Asian countries, were able to enjoy our service as per normal.

Martin Guo, the head of the online department, answered a phone call from TNT’s information gathering agency, which complained about the malfunction and urged us to recover it as soon as possible.

During his response to the complaint, good news saved him and us, -- along with releasing our readers’ from the dissatisfaction-- the network recovered from the malfunction, since China Telecom replaced the broken router with a new one.
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