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Editor's Note,

On Monday, when the newsroom was busy as usual reporting important and breaking news stories, for both the Website and the newspaper, a special poster-sized "thank you" letter arrived.

This isn't the first time we've gotten a letter of course, but it's probably the biggest so far. We're happy that our reports (" target="_blank">Former tycoon accepts charity;" target="_blank">Metro crackdown won't stop quiet crusade, says father) helped this millionaire-turned-beggar; a little financially and more importantly emotionally. We truly hope that Ding Guofu's story has a much happier ending in the future.

Below is the translation of his letter.
????????????????????????? Letter of Thanks
Sep 18, 2006
Dear Shanghai Daily reporters and editors:

I'm Ding Guofu. I come from Yichun city, Heilongjiang Province.

My son Ding Shuang, who is 16 years old, was paralyzed in a traffic accident when he was six.

Worrying sick about Ding Shuang's illness, his mother suffered from liver cirrhosis.

To save their lives I did my best to raise money, however, my own company, whose assets reached 1 million yuan (US$125,000), fatefully went bankrupted.

Unfortunately, Ding Shuang's mom died of liver disease in 1999.

I used up all my money — about 1 million yuan -- in 10 years to treat my son's illness and so he could possibly walk again some day, which turned me from a millionaire into a begger.

After arriving in Shanghai, my son and I obtained the local media's attention and help, which changed our lives.

Since Shanghai Daily published my family's story, I received 6,500 yuan as well as some daily necessities from a German reader and a Danish reader.

My efforts have finally attracted people's attention, both financially and by emotional encouragement. This will give me the hope and determination I need to help my son walk again.

Thanks again for your support and concern, and for the efforts made by you—Shanghai Daily reporters and editors.

My son will recover, according to his most recent diagnosis. He's receiving medical treatment at No. 455 Hospital (a military hospital in Shanghai).

I will bring him up to be a useful man in society, to serve the country and to serve the people who support him and take care of him.

Good Luck to you all!
Sincerely yours!
?????????????????????????????????????????? Gratefulness
?????????????????????????????????????????? Ding Guofu, a begger and a once millionaire
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