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Spend your holidays indoors

As the National Day holiday approaches, the online department conducted its routine pre-holiday poll in the newsroom to see what our colleagues at Shanghai Daily are doing for the seven-day holiday.

Though one may expect to hear such words as “family trip,” “picnicking” or “outing,” the outcome turns out to be different.

Most interviewees said they preferred to stay home and be couch potatoes. Some even hadn’t thought carefully about what they will do. Lydia Chen from our online department said she will stay home to get a good rest, as fatigue has caused her two severe colds in one month already. (Achooooo!) She would also work during the holidays to update our Website.

Stu Clark, the foreign language expert working with our online department, said he will also stay in Shanghai since he has to work a few days during the holiday.

Their plans are, to some extent, understandably echoed by others’. After working their fingers to the bone for a couple of days on end, it is high time for everyone to have a rest.

Some decided to hunker down at home to avoid holiday crowds. There are too many people at resorts, too much congestion on roads and too many other “toos” that are enough to turn travel into a nightmare. One would presumably balk at the idea of stepping onto the bustling Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall teeming with people during holidays and festivals.

But the reason for Zhu Shenshen is very personal. Zhu, who recently became a father, said he would stay home to care for his new-born son. Asked whether his personal time would be consumed by baby-sitting, he chuckled and replied: “It’s not nearly the case. Apart from looking after the baby, I will also take some time to visit my family and friends.

“Besides, staying at home is not tantamount to boredom, for I can watch DVDs and Formula One Racing to kill the time. Going to the movies is also a choice. So it cannot be described as a long yet dull holiday,” he said.

Of all the interviewees, a few do have holiday trip plans. Zhu Moqing and Li Hualiang, or Xiao Bai, intended to travel to Zhoushan in Zhejiang Province. “That’s a fantastic place for relaxation, especially for people who have extricated themselves from consecutive days of hard work. We look forward to visiting the famous resort Dongji Island and having some fun there,” Zhu said.

We hope all of our readers have a nice holiday!

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The issue has eleven sections: Cover Story, Macro Economy, Finance, Real Estate, Logistics, Auto, Energy, Retail, Technology, Profile and Opinion, which have been re-typeset in the magazine.

Our e-magazine is specifically designed for business readers, mainly based on the topics that have been discussed or published in the Business Insight pages of the Shanghai Daily.

Officially launched in January, the magazine is published every month and is free to download during its trial.

You can download the magazine via PDF files from our Website (). If you like, you can subscribe to our Insight Newsletter by typing in your email address in the box at the bottom of the front page. The readers on this list will be emailed when a new version of the magazine is published.

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Today was the opening day of Shanghai's first , and of course was there to welcome readers old and new.

The show hosted all sorts of businesses and services catering to the expat community. An exploratory walk around the site revealed foreign medical centers, international schools, and adult mandarin courses all vying for attention. Several stalls also featured luxury food and wines. A few foreign restaurants, ranging from burgers to curry, catered for lunch.

Shanghai Daily had a relatively large stall, and it was tastefully decorated with flowers, posters, and seating areas. Most importantly, the center of the stall was set aside for laptops on which visitors could experience the wonders of our website, and particularly .

Though there was quite a few of us manning the stand (including marketing staff, plus two journalists from the online department), we had a lot to accomplish between us. Not only were we there to attract new readers, the online team had the special task of spreading the word about Live in Shanghai and recruiting volunteers for the trial run of its new, web 2.0 version in mid October.

Despite being located quite far inside the show space, Shanghai Daily managed to attract a sizeable chunk of visitor attention. Two hundred copies of the paper were rapidly given away, and many new readers subscribed on the spot. Meanwhile many of our regular readers kindly filled out feedback forms and gave us their opinions of the paper and Website.

Some readers liked the paper but thought there weren't enough articles, many readers used our Website but had not noticed Live in Shanghai, and a few readers thought there should be more comics. Many businesses also took the opportunity to ask about advertising with us, which was an unexpected bonus of being in the show.

As for Live in Shanghai, recruiting volunteers turned out to be surprisingly easy, but detaining time-strapped visitors long enough for a demonstration of our lovely Website was more difficult.

The show continues tomorrow and on Sunday, and we will be there with even more free newspapers, free gifts and information about our Website. Please drop by and let us know what you think.


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Along with hairy crabs, mooncakes are another dining must during the Middle Autumn Festival, or the Moon Festival, which falls on September 25 this year.

Family members will have a get-together on that day, enjoying sumptuous dinners and appreciating the big, round, bright moon.

Mooncakes are round to imitate the full moon during the festival.

Three kinds of traditional mooncakes can be found in Shanghai, Suzhou style, Guangzhou style and Chaozhou style. Ice cream companies like Hagen-Daz have also created their own take on the traditional treat.

The filings in the three traditional styles of mooncake differ greatly.

Suzhou style mooncake is filled with fresh pork and should be eaten while they are still warm. Reheated cakes just don’t taste nearly as good.


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Almost every one in Shanghai Daily’s news room has been talking about one issue today -- Typhoon Wipha, the most destructive storm to hit the city in a decade.

According to Shanghai Daily’s reports, Wipha is now less than 660 kilometers away from Shanghai and heading our way at a speed of 20 kilometer an hour, which means every one can feel the power of the storm in no more than 30 hours.

Wind speed is predicted to increase to 102 kilometers an hour in urban areas of the city today, accompanied by up to 50 millimeters of rainfall, the weathermen said.

What do you feel as we brace for the worst storm in almost ten years? 

Panic? Fear? Unconcerned?

Shanghai Daily staff showed all of these emotions.

Nancy Zhang, a newcomer to Shanghai Daily’s Web Department, said she felt dizzy and wondered if it was the office building shaking.


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Today, our online department carried a about an official English translation contest based on the work of Confuc...


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Crab season arrives again

You can’t really understand life in Shanghai until you have enjoyed some hairy crabs.

Crab season is here once again.

The crabs that are bred in Suzhou’s Yangcheng Lake of Jiangsu Province are believed to be the tastiest of all crabs in China.

Yangcheng Lake crabs are a must for Shanghai people in the fall.

A small amount of the famous delicacy will arrive in local markets this weekend.

But, do you know how to choose, cook, and eat the crabs?


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Lydia Chen, a reporter with Shanghai Daily’s Website, was still worried about the ultimate fate of her bike that has accompanied her for almost five years but was unfortunately stolen by “some evil th...


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