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The issue has 10 sections: Cover story, Finance, Real Estate, Auto, Retail, Textile, Energy, Technology, Profile and Opinion, which have been re-typeset in the magazine.

Our e-magazine is specifically designed for business readers and is mainly based on issues discussed in the Business Insight pages of Shanghai Daily.

Officially launched in January 2007, the magazine is published every month and is free to download during its trial.

You can download the magazine via PDF files from our Website (). or you can subscribe to our Insight Newsletter by typing in your e-mail address in the box at the bottom of the front page. The readers on this list will be e-mailed when a new version of the magazine is published.

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(Left) A worker operates a high-tech vacuum cleaner in the swank Terminal 2 of Pudong International Airport yesterday morning. The impressive machine is priced at more than 100,000 yuan. The airport bought four to ensure the 120,000-square-meter carpet in the terminal remains spotless.

(Right) Yao Mei (right), a Chinese businessman, becomes the first passenger to check in at the Shanghai Airlines counter at 6:15am yesterday when Terminal 2 of Pudong International Airport officially began operation yesterday.

REPORTS about Pudong airport’s new Terminal 2 has dominated the focus of our Website and newspaper in recent weeks, not only for its splendid high-tech outlook, but because it’s an issue very close to our readers, most of whom are frequent travelers.

Huge, sparkling new and state-of-the-art, the magnificent architecture attracted hundreds of reporters to experience one of the city’s most striking new wonders. Among them was our Metro reporter Dong Zhen and photographer Dong Jun.

Dong Zhen, who has been following the construction of the terminal closely, shuttled between our press room and the airport last week to keep our readers posted.

But she described the moment of the terminal’s grand opening as magnificent.

“I didn’t sleep much because I was busy working on another story the night before,” she said. Excited reporters gathered at the Jing’an Temple airport shuttle bus center at 4am yesterday.


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New round of monthly awards


Shanghai Daily’s award winning stories for the month of February featured topics such as the color red and stinky tofu.

The best stories went to “Red: The color of success, joy, love” (C3, Feb. 6), written by features writer Michelle Zhang and “Let there be chaos, bustle and ‘stinking tofu’” (A6, Feb.27), by opinion writer Wan Lixin.

Michelle Zhang proposed her story idea on the “red” topic as the Chinese Lunar New year approached and gave a detailed and interesting say of how Chinese view the color.

Opinion writer Wan Lixin started his story with a paragraph from well-known Chinese histories Zizhi Tongjian to contrast today’s government on “effectively” managing street vendors. 

The best online story went to the series of Edison Chen stories by reporter Chen Li, who gave thorough coverage of the nude photo scandal that had the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong abuzz.

“I am happy to win the monthly prize and bonus, which I can use to plan a trip to Hangzhou”, said Chen.

She is expected to collect a 500-yuan (US$70.82) bonus.


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Updated Airport Information


Pudong Airport's will open next Wednesday (March 26). A completely updated guide to the airport and its two terminals is now online at Live in Shanghai. Check out Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Pudong Airport Airlines and Terminals Information.

The new articles contain plenty of tools, maps, timetables and downloads to make your journeys easier.


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One of the perks of being on the online team is that there is an unrivalled sense of team spirit. Maybe this has something to do with the team building effects of our yearly spring outings.

We decided to go far afield this year to a peaceful city called Ningbo. Known for its seafood, Ningbo is a relatively undiscovered spot for tourists. Its location three and half hours out of Shanghai on the southern tip of makes the city a perfect getaway from the concrete jungle.

The trip started with a crowded train journey last weekend. At 14 members the Shanghai Daily band was the largest and most merry one on the train. We took up three booths and played cards and ate snacks for most of the journey – much to the amusement of the other standing passengers on the train.

Arriving in Ningbo we found a city of spacious streets lined with trees and a leisurely pace of life uncluttered by maddening crowds. Winding along the streets is a slow flowing river with affluent high rises on both sides. Turning down alleyways you can find vignettes of traditional life full of Zhejiang character.

On our first day in the comfort of the mid afternoon sun we explored the Tianyi Pavilion – China's oldest library with its romantic ponds, rockeries and of course library housing Ming Dynasty books. This was followed by dinner where we sampled the famously strong flavours of Ningbo cuisines including "stinky melon" and a variety of seafood. This was all washed down with a loud and raucous drinking game at the end.

At the end of our first night we explored Ningbo's neon-lit nightlife, even stumbling across an area called "Ningbo Bund" which turned out to be more like Xintiandi in Shanghai.

The next day refreshed by a night of rest we battled our way through the chaotic local bus stop for a trip out to the local hills, passing by scenic farms and rice paddies along the way.


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The war with cockroaches

In our newsroom, the fight with cockroaches has never stopped. Our journalists will occasionally notice a small roach relaxing in front of...


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The online department has finally completed the most up-to-date Metro section on "" following the preliminary updates on the new Metro lines and extensions that began service last December. Now the section offers information as detailed as maps of each Metro station and its surroundings.

This painstaking work is thanks to our ever-diligent intern Shen Xinyi and nightshift colleague Zhang Shunyi. Zhang, who broke one of his arms some time ago, made use of his sick leave shuttling between Metro stations and taking pictures of official station maps displayed there. Then Shen used these photos to prepare all the maps in Adobe Illustrator.

"Live in Shanghai" now provides detailed maps of all the Metro stations except for three stations on Line 6, which, according to Zhang's on-the-spot investigation, have entirely wrong maps.

on "Live in Shanghai"

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Let them eat cake

Some of Shanghai Daily's ace women journalists

There's been a sudden increase ...


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