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New additions to Shanghai's fast-expanding Metro network, Line 11 and Phase II of Line 9, were launched this morning, together with a groundbreaking new system providing real-time information on the status of operation of all the Metro lines.

The Live in Shanghai team has quickly responded to this delightful accomplishment by incorporating the latest information on the two new lines and the real-time display system to the Website's Metro section.

Check the page () for a first glimpse of this massive upgrade of Shanghai's Metro.

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A reader of Shanghai Daily's Kindle edition wrote an email to our newsroom on December 16, expressing his appreciation of the column by our Opinion writer Wan Lixin, who is now in the United States, and inviting Wan to stay with his family in Bellevue, Iowa.

The full email is attached below:

Good morning!

I daily receive, and enjoy reading, your fine newspaper via the Kindle electronic edition.  I enjoy keeping up with matters in your vibrant city as well as in your lovely country.

I have found particularly interesting the comments by your columnist in America; his other culture perspectives are interesting and, from my perspective, often reflect my own amazement and discouragement at aspects of America's culture.

Yesterday's column, featuring a discussion of the degradation of our environment was particularly good.

Two responses:

First, many of us in this country are still privileged to live "close to the land and its creatures."  In Iowa, one of our principal economic investments is agriculture, not just the farming of the land but all of the infrastructure supports necessary for healthy food and good harvests.  In Bellevue, we live right on the Mississippi River, so fishing and wildlife also play an important part in our daily routines.


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Shanghai Daily has announced its November's Best Stories and Best Page.

One of our newcomers this year, metro reporter Zha Minjie, shared the Best Stories Award with feature writer Yao Minji.

Zha covered a successful breaking news report with the story "3 crew die in cargo plane crash" (A2, Nov.29). Zha rushed to Pudong International airport immediately after learning about the accident for spot interviews on a Saturday morning, and arrived back with fresh first-hand quotes and vivid descriptions.

Yao did a good job in offering an interesting topic just perfect for Chinese Single's Day together with detailed and clear writing in "When guys and gals share a flat" (C2, Nov. 11).

News writers Wang Xiang, another newcomer to the newsroom, shared the Best Translated Stories with Li Xinran.

Wang grabbed the award with his well-organized story "Gas giants lift output as supply runs short," while Li provided an in-depth analysis and timely follow-ups for "Soccer officials face match-fixing inquiry."

Best Page of the month went to "Disneyland in Pudong" (A4-5, Nov. 5), with stories by Zha Minjie, Cao Qian, Lu Feiran and Xuwei, and design by Chen Jie and Li Xiaoying for a well-coordinated sidebar story package for major news with exquisite and eye-catching design.

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ShanghaiDaily.com's mobile edition (mobile.shanghaidaily.com) now has a link back to the full edition of the website so that users with more advanced mobile phones are able to choose whether to view the full version or the lite mobile version.

In order to reduce loading time on GPRS network, the mobile edition has been designed as a lite text-based version of ShanghaiDaily.com. Users accessing ShanghaiDaily.com with mobile phones are automatically redirected to the mobile edition.

However, users of advanced phones with large screens like iPhone have a desire to view the full site, and the development of mobile networks has made the display of a full multimedia site on a mobile phone increasingly possible.

Therefore, the online department added an easily clickable link to the full version on the mobile version's page to enable users to view ShanghaiDaily.com as it is on a computer monitor.

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