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In 2010, the district constructed new commodity houses of 2,580,000 square meters. Five residential communities, with a total construction area of 699,900 square meters, were rated as "Shanghai's energy-saving and floor-saving four-high housing estates".


In 2010, the industrial sector of the secondary industry accounted for 65.0% of the gross GDP of the district, and the tertiary industry for 34.9%. The stable growth of the secondary industry and the tertiary industry has become a driving force for the economic development of the district.


Qibao Heritage Town, built in Northern Song Dynasty and grew into a prosperous business center during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, boasts a history of more than one thousand years. Thus allowing for the growth of business and culture of the previously unknown town, enables the town as an originator of Shanghai's local culture.

2009 - National Model District/County with a Favorable Corporate Environment, National Model District of Science Popularization, National Model District of Payment-Free Blood Donation, National Model District of Social Security   [more]

August 2011

Transportation realigned as work starts on new hub
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Town and Subdistrict Telephone
Huacao Town 021-6221 1264
Hongqiao Town 021-6406 0530
Qibao Town 021-5486 1751
Meilong Town 021-6497 8280
Xinzhuang Town 021-6492 1394
Zhuanqiao Town 021-6489 0802
Maqiao Town 021-6409 1860
Wujing Town 021-6450 0863
Pujiang Town 021-5433 6070
Longbai Subdistrict 021-5447 0071
Gumei Subdistrict 021-5417 4835
Jiangchuan Subdistrict 021-6435 2942