About Us V5.0

What is this site?

This is the html-based Website of Shanghai Daily, the city’s only English language daily newspaper. Shanghai Daily owns the site and its online department is in charge of its operation.


Why is this site V5.0?

Our site is considered "V5.0" because it is the fifth version of Shanghai Daily's Website. The first one was a totally fee-based Website that offered subscribers PDF file downloading services. The second version was launched around October 2005 and the next design, Version 3.0, was officially launched on January 1, 2007. The fourth version, which had been thoroughly revamped, was put into use on May 1, 2008. The current version, improved from the fourth version, was launched in October 2009.

As this new site develops, we will add new services to it. We will update this in the "About Us" (at the bottom of our homepage) in conjunction with the site's development.


What's the difference between the site and the newspaper?

Most stories published in the print copy are also available online. Advertisements, cartoons, puzzles, horoscopes, and some advertorials are not included on the site.

ShanghaiDaily.com publishes news stories during the day time. They are stories written based on reports from Chinese newspapers, wire services, radio, TV and major news or government Websites as well as breaking news provided by Shanghai Daily reporters. They may or may not appear in the newspaper published the next day.


When will the newspaper stories appear on the site?

Shanghai Daily's online department will upload stories for the next day's newspaper in real time as each page is approved in the newsroom. In most cases, all newspaper edition stories will be on the site no later than 3am Beijing Time.

To ensure a timely display of newspaper stories online, the night shift staff member will upload only some of the pictures suitable for the Website. Other pictures will be uploaded later in the morning.


Is this site totally free?

Like most newspaper Websites around the world, ShanghaiDaily.com is a partly fee-based Website. Non-subscribers will be able to read and search the full text of some news stories that have been published in the newspaper during the past seven days.


What is Editor’s Desk blog? Can I leave comments there?

Editor’s Desk blog is the place where the ShanghaiDaily.com team keeps you posted about developments taking place at this site as well as giving you an insight about the news behind the news stories appearing in either the newspaper or on the Website.

You are more than welcome to leave your comments on the blog. As we are not offering a BBS service, we need to approve every comment before it is published, as required by Chinese regulations.


What is PDF file download?

Shanghai Daily updates PDF files in real time as each day's newspaper is being produced in the newsroom.

With these PDF format files, you will be able to print out every Shanghai Daily page on your computer. To view a PDF file, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.


What is Live in Shanghai?

"Live in Shanghai" is an English online guide for expats living in Shanghai or those who are coming to the city. We offer easy-to-take and printer-friendly PDF files, interview clips from expats and real-life Flash animations to help everybody enjoy their stay in the city.

Currently it has five sections: City Guide, Directory, Classified, What's On and Columns.

City Guide will give you a general picture of Shanghai. You'll learn the city in about 30 minutes. You will find elaborate information on the city's subways, taxis, buses and airports and more practical information.

Directory is a Web 2.0-based platform for sharing detailed information on various types of venues. Users can post new shops, restaurants, and tips to other expats. They can also post comments on existing places.

The Classified section replaces the old classified section on ShanghaiDaily.com.

What's On includes latest information on popular performances and events. Users can also add their own events. They can also post comments on existing events.

The Columns section is composed of collections of Shanghai Daily Feature stories related to expat life in Shanghai, all profusely illustrated. Topics include restaurant reviews, health living, travel and more.


What is Science Podcasting?

Science Podcasting, developed by Shanghai Daily's online department in cooperation with Shanghai Science & Technology Committee, is a guide to Shanghai's major attractions in science and technology.

The files are totally free for download in PDF and personal use on MP3 players, mobile phones and all other mobile devices. Each podcast is read both in Chinese and English.


What is Localizable Weather?

The weather panel is fully upgraded to enable you to set it to the city you live in. Click "Select your location" and choose from 15 major cities in China. You will now see the real-time weather condition of your city in the weather panel every time you open the Shanghai Daily homepage.


What is the e-Magazine?

The e-Magazine "Insight" provides readers with our premium business news resources. It will be published periodically in PDF format and is completely free to read. You can also subscribe to our email service which will notify you if a new version of the e-magazine is available.


What is Shanghai eDaily?

With two editions a day from Monday to Friday, Shanghai eDaily is downloadable through the Internet and wireless connections. Users can download the PDF files of the eDaily to laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, UMPC, PSP and many other portable electronic devices to read the latest news while they are on the go.

Unlike traditional online Web pages, Shanghai eDaily retains a visually friendly newspaper format that's easy on the eyes. The morning edition and afternoon updates provide the latest international and business news, follow-ups, in-depth reports and local news, 24 hours a day.

Beyond the limitations of computer monitors, it offers a convenient and efficient news reading experience.


What is RSS?

On news Websites, an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds enable you to subscribe to a certain news category and allows you to receive the headlines and extracts of the latest stories under the category when you access the feed.

An RSS feed contains several items which are displayed in real-time. Each item is composed of at least a headline, an abstract and a link to the web page of a news story.

ShanghaiDaily.com RSS Feeds Service Center provides step-by-step instructions of how to use our RSS service on various devices from desktop computers to iPhones.


What is Newsletter?

ShanghaiDaily.com Newsletter is a free service which keeps you informed of the latest news published on our Website. Simply enter your email address below, and choose categories of news and features you're interested in, you will then receive headline news tailored to your interests everyday in your mailbox, keeping you up to date with the world. You can unsubscribe at any time.


What is Mobile Newspaper?

Mobile phone users in Shanghai are able to receive Shanghai Daily mobile newspaper every morning. The mobile newspaper focuses on top news in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta and other provinces in China to feature a wide variety of local news and practical services messages with Expo coverage as its highlights. News in the mobile paper also has Chinese abstracts.

The mobile newspaper will be issued once a day in morning editions, 3 yuan a month. No GPRS fee will be charged for receiving the MMS newspaper. Forward the newspaper or click through URLs contained in the newspaper might trigger GPRS charges.


What is Mobile Browser Version?

This is a WAP-style fast-loading version of ShanghaiDaily.com, optmized for mobile phone users with GPRS connections.


And more …

If you have any question about the site which has not been answered on this page, please feel free to contact us. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions so we can keep this site the best we can offer.

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