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Total makeover urgent for foundering football

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

CHINESE soccer fans witnessed another year of fiascoes, but this time, they accept it more philosophically, since both layers and fans feel nothing unusual for they've tasted so many failures in recent years and some...

China's cultural commodities project soft power globally

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

AS Christmas approaches, Westerners are busy shopping for gifts to give to family and friends on the most important holiday of the year. A "Chinese" Christmas, for most Western families, is not something new: many...

Officials' banqueting binges lead to soaring liquor prices

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

CHINESE liquor is soaring in price, led by Moutai. Xinhua reported last week that a bottle of standard Moutai liquor, with 53 percent alcohol, sold for 500 to 600 yuan (US$80-95) three or four years ago. Now it is...

Back wages loom as migrants go home

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

FORTY-YEAR-OLD migrant worker Li Yongfen felt optimistic after hearing of a construction contractor sentenced to 10 months in jail and fined 20,000 yuan (US$3,148) for refusing to pay his workers. The case rekindled...

Let buyer beware in real estate uproar

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

ON October 22, more than 400 angry home owners convened in front of the Shanghai office of China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd, demanding a refund after prices dropped on their recently purchased properties in the...

National postgrad exam misses top students

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

AFTER graduating from college this July, 24-year-old Zhang Chen did not find a job, but instead moved to Beijing to prepare for the national entrance exam for postgraduate education programs, which is scheduled for...

BRICS power new world economic order

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

WITH chilly winter winds rattling deadwood in the United States, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests endured for almost three months. The movement bears the hallmarks of a festival, with participants setting...

What culture should we develop?

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

EDITOR'S note: Now China is supposed to develop, expand and project its culture. But what exactly is "culture"? And is this development an unalloyed good? Does China's tradition exist in official written history...

Experts' opinions on commercialized culture

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

EDITOR'S note: Recent years have witnessed widespread restoration of cultural relics and revival of ceremonies to honor ancient Chinese gods. Ni Tao asks professors Zhang and Ge how China can contain mercantile...

Europe's economist-statesmen cannot fire a silver bullet

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

THERE have been a series of high-profile personnel reshuffles in the governments of some indebted eurozone countries. In Italy, for example, Mario Monti, renowned economist and ex-EU commissioner for competition,...

War on poverty needs change of heart toward rural migrants

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

FOR all the inequality it has engendered, growth is often credited with lifting millions out of poverty in China. Foreign kudos for China's contribution to global poverty reduction sometimes lulls us to complacency....

Letting the GM genie out of the bottle

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

ALTHOUGH genetically modified foods have been grown and sold in China for some time, the term still makes the public jittery. Debates on genetic modification range from safety concerns, environmental impact, food...

Time for cautious easing of capital account limits

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

A CLOSED capital account has long thwarted Shanghai's ambition to develop itself into a global financial center. Time is now ripe for China to relax its capital account restriction. Of course, this process is...

It's woman's world as yin holds sway over yang

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

OUR discussion is concerned in how to achieve a balance between yin and yang acceptable in the urbanization of Shanghai. The concerns are two-fold and are becoming pressing. One, urbanization is slowing down,...

Bias for boys means the real leftovers are guys, not girls

Opinion | Chinese perspectives

EARLIER this year, there was a conspicuous ad in Shanghai in which Xu Jinglei claimed to be "neither a leftover girl nor wealthy lady." A multi-talented movie star with millions of fans, Ms Xu can perhaps judge...

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