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Sharpening travel skills in China 

Feature | Expat Tales

ON December 25, 2013, Jeff Martinez will embark on a trip around the world from Mexico City to Kiev. A 10,606-kilometer journey - if you take the most direct route which Martinez will certainly not - that has long...

Shanghai Race Club rides again 

Feature | Expat Tales

ONCE Shanghai's top horse-race trophy was the world's ninth in ranking. Today a British IT entrepreneur has revived the old Shanghai Race Club and aims for a Shanghai Cup in China in 2013, the Year of the Horse....

Aussie black-belt hosts travel show 

Feature | Expat Tales

IN 2008 Australian Cameron Andersen was practicing international law in Shanghai when he was spotted as a TV natural by the producer of "Getaway." He was then invited as a guest for the 30-minute travel show on International...

Musical about a material girl 'Christmas Carol' 

Feature | Expat Tales

AMERICAN Apphia Campbell used to go to Broadway musicals and Off-Broadway shows every week while she lived in New York and one of the things she really misses in Shanghai is good musical theater. For the past two...

When stand-up meets jazz 

Feature | Expat Tales

YOU hear her voice before you even enter the bar, its smoky, sultry sound making you feel as if you're stepping into a 1920s-style Chicago speakeasy. Then she drops a line in Mandarin, and as you settle into your...

Painter prizes 'peasant' art 

Feature | Expat Tales

WHEN Dilwyn Lloyd first described his reason for moving to Shanghai as a fairy tale, it seemed like it might have been a joke. It wasn't. In fact, it's the kind of story you really only see in movies or read...

A hotelier with heart, soul 

Feature | Expat Tales

AT one time Peter Herweck thought he would work aboard a cruise ship and see the world. And he has indeed seen the world, but it's been at the helm of many a hotel. Michael van Zyl reports. You must be legendary...

Fascinating life of many facets 

Feature | Expat Tales

DR Silvia Kettelhut is a writer, a translator, a researcher on successful Chinese women, a Shanghai historical preservationist - and the wife of the German Consul General. She talks to Shanghai Daily. Silvia Kettelhut...

Forty ways to leave your lover 

Feature | Expat Tales

WHEN Shanghai's embrace becomes too stifling, it's time for a weekend fling, and a French travel writer plots 40 ways - he calls them "infidelities" - to leave the city for a short weekend or a longer amour. Nie...

'Robin Hood' fixes expats' troubles 

Feature | Expat Tales

OTHER expats' troubles are Toby Raworth's bread and butter and he makes it his business to solve all kinds of problems through mediation, guanxi, and other means. Zha Minjie finds out how he does it. Few expats...

Amusing Italian muses the city 

Feature | Expat Tales

FIORENZO Brioschi remains a true Italian, even though he has been living in Suzhou for more than five years. "Of course I can fit into the city and the local life very well, but I still remember that in my heart I'm...

3 American rappers in Shanghai 

Feature | Expat Tales

THREE American brothers, one who gave up on Wall Street, form the rap group Armada Red that plays city nightclubs and promotes musical exchanges between China and the West. Alex Gladstone reports. If you like to...

Auto engineer all jammed up 

Feature | Expat Tales

AUTOMOTIVE engineer Amelia Heaton-Renshaw drove from London to Ulan Bator in Mongolia on a rally - and decided she might as well roll on to China. Nie Xin reports. Amelia Heaton-Renshaw has come a long way from...

Briton works to improve animal welfare 

Feature | Expat Tales

BRITON Marvin Manalac quit his IT job in London, moved to Shanghai in 2006 and two years ago opened an animal rescue center with adoption services. Nie Xin reports. Animal lover Marvin Manalac believes every animal...

Motto: 'I serve, therefore I am' 

Feature | Expat Tales

AMERICAN Sheila Seiler fulfills her passion to help others by teaching at an international school and running the charity BEAN. She tells Nie Xin that she sees more and more people in Shanghai reaching out to help...

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