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A fabric version of Van Gogh masterpiece 

Feature | Art

YOUNG artist Qi Xin has been honored for his fabric and oil version of the Van Gogh masterpiece "Enclosed Wheat Field with Peasant." Qi won top prize at the 2011 Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition that featured...

Ding sticks to hypnotic patterns 

Feature | Art

ARTIST Ding Yi has built his career by using the symbols "x" and "+" in his paintings. Considered a pioneer in abstract art in China, Ding is an important figure in the country's New Wave Movement. Minsheng...

Flightless birds on surreal clouds 

Feature | Art

A tail-less bird that can barely fly is marooned on a cloud above surreal "traditional" landscapes that are beautiful but glow with a strange light and are clearly out of kilter. This sick and directionless bird...

Every slope is a puzzle for map artist 

Feature | Art

TRAIL map artist James Niehues has a strong dislike for uniformity and strongly dislikes computer-generated maps. Karen Schwartz talks to the American and discovers he may be the last artist of his kind. If you've...

Confusing art and beauty 

Feature | Art

A visiting professor of East Asian languages and cultures has touched a nerve by writing in his blog that the biggest failure in China's modern art education is to equate art with beauty. Wang Jie reports. The...

Photos that 'paint' Buddhist pictures 

Feature | Art

PHOTOGRAPHER Chen Man became famous for her shots of top fashion models using Beijing's Tian'anmen Square as a backdrop. Today she is focusing on Buddhism in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art...

Church setting for 'frog' works 

Feature | Art

AN art exhibition of mysterious amphibian-like creatures, some incorporating real frog skins, is underway in a former Russian Orthodox cathedral. The startling exhibition "Back and Forth" by painter Shi Shaoping...

Awesome masterworks from Japan 

Feature | Art

THE finest Japanese arts of brocade, art glass, painting and woodblock printing (ukiyo-e) are on display through November 28 at the No. 1 Shanghai Art Museum. The 91 art pieces are a rare collection that brings...

Artist with soft hands and a pure heart 

Feature | Art

CERAMIST Zhang Wenbin is spearheading a new chapter in China's illustrious porcelain industry with a new technique that has impressed critics. Wang Jie talks to the artist who says meditation helps him focus on his...

Chinese mask painter breaks the mold 

Feature | Art

PEOPLE call Sun Guokang the "king of Peking Opera masks." The artist may surprise many as his inspiration doesn't always come from traditional Chinese art. He says he is often inspired by Picasso's abstract...

Auctions beckon big investors 

Feature | Art

THE autumn art auction season is underway and auction houses are assembling works for art investors' portfolios - they must include big names, like the old F4 (Famous 4) or the current F4 in China's modern and contemporary...

Visitors enter Dunhuang grottoes 

Feature | Art

REPLICAS of famous Buddhist statues and frescoes from the Dunhuang grottoes in Gansu Province are on display in cave-like settings in Shanghai through November 18. Visitors will step into exactly reproduced "caves"...

From Picasso to Peking Opera 

Feature | Art

A month-long international arts festival will feature original Chinese dance, opera and acrobatics as well as a concert by violinist Itzhak Perlman and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and an exhibition of 62 original...

Let there be light and music 

Feature | Art

THE Daning Music Festival of free outdoor performances will be held this month as part of the Shanghai International Arts Festival. Apart from carrying on the tradition of featuring Chinese original singers, this...

Young artists lack sizzle 

Feature | Art

YOUNG artists from academies around China are exhibiting their best works at the annual Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition titled "Dazzle," and art dealers, gallery owners and the public will be looking for the art stars...

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