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King cobbler with a red sole 

Sunday | Cover

CHRISTIAN Louboutin's sumptuous, red-soled, super-stilettoes have inflamed the hearts of celebrities and become the objects of desire for women - and men - the world over. They are outrageous and fanciful, many...

Creating original Chinese musicals 

Sunday | Cover

CLASSICALLY trained as a cellist and conductor, San Bao has dramatically changed course and dedicated himself to pioneering original musical theater in China, which has a long tradition of opera but nothing like singing-and-dancing...

Funny man makes serious points 

Sunday | Cover

JOE Wong was living a Chinese immigrant's dream in America: a PhD in molecular biology from a prestigious university and a high-paying job with a pharmaceutical company. Then, to everyone's shock and dismay, he decided...

King of pop: I do not judge 

Sunday | Cover

WANG Guangyi is considered China's pioneer political pop artist and sometimes compared with Andy Warhol for his irreverent play with cultural, commercial and political icons. One of China's most influential artists,...

Scouting Chinese talent 

Sunday | Cover

SOZZANI is always scouting for talent in design, style and photography and helping young people showcase and develop their talents to build a new generation in fashion. One of her missions in Shanghai was scouting. ...

Going rogue at Vogue 

Sunday | Cover

VOGUE Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani didn't get to the top by playing it safe and going for glamor. She got there through creativity and controversy, being contrarian, witty and often political. In her...

Lady of the grottoes 

Sunday | Cover

A young woman with short-cropped hair looks up at the sky and places her left fist over her heart. A travel bag on her shoulder and cap trailing in her hand, she's ready for whatever comes. She is the statue titled...

Dancing to her own drummer 

Sunday | Cover

ETHNIC dance queen Yang Liping has been called the "Sorceress of Dance," the "Goddess of Dance" and the "Peacock Princess," compared over the years with the majestic and haughty peacock that she famously portrays. ...

Reporter 'road warrior' 

Sunday | Cover

BEST-SELLING author and journalist Peter Hessler made his name for China reporting at a time of social and economic earthquakes that were, and still are, both dislocating and exhilarating. Since 1996 he has been...

Westwood a shoo-in 

Sunday | Cover

AS avant-garde and edgy as ever at age 70, Dame Vivienne Westwood is still kicking up her heels. Following the triumph of her shoes ("shoes" and "footwear" don't begin to describe her fancy footwork) exhibitions...

'Comrade' who knows about women 

Sunday | Cover

ACCLAIMED Hong Kong theater director Edward Lam is known for his sensitive and complex portrayals of women, of couples and of men in love with men. That sensitivity, humor and the many faces of women were on show...

Daddy of 43 children 

Sunday | Cover

SUN Jinyao is the "father" of 43 children whom no one wanted. Before Sun came along they were all homeless, mostly abandoned by their parents because of their disabilities. Aged from two to 19 years, they are deaf,...

Stan Lai takes the stage 

Sunday | Cover

ONE of the world's most celebrated Chinese-language playwrights and theater directors, Stan Lai is always pushing creative frontiers and staging innovations. Xia Ruirui listens to the master. Lai is also a long-time...

'Subversive' in the kitchen 

Sunday | Cover

"CAVIAR" made from apple juice, "spaghetti" made of Parmesan cheese, an "artichoke" made of rose petals, even edible smoke or "culinary foam" are conjured up in the kitchen-laboratory of Catalan chef Ferran Adrià. ...

Conjurer of poetic adventure 

Sunday | Cover

JEAN-MARIE Gustave Le Clezio, winner of 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature, signed more than 1,200 books in one hour at the Shanghai Book Fair. Le Clezio also spoke about "The Author in the City" and discussed Western...

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