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Doctor who takes on cancer

Sunday | Cover

AT 86, Dr Wang Zhenyi still makes weekly rounds of the hematology ward at Shanghai's Ruijin Hospital, chatting with patients and discussing cases with doctors. Wang's caring, dedication and energy are legendary,...

A man to match my mountains

Sunday | Cover

WHEN he was just 22, New Zealander Mark Inglis was a professional mountaineer and head of a search and rescue team that saved lives. He knew about close calls. He had many mountains yet to climb. But in November...

This collector will not sell

Sunday | Cover

ONCE a curious youth who traded cigarettes for antiques, Zhao Wenlong today is a connoisseur with a private garden museum of China's past. Yang Di visits. Zhao Wenlong grew up around a classical Chinese garden...

Cheese makes rural life richer

Sunday | Cover

IN 2003, Marc de Ruiter was working on agriculture projects in a poor area of Shanxi Province when he was shocked to hear of small-scale dairy farmers dumping their milk in streets and fields. The milk market was...

Barbie finally gets her prince

Sunday | Cover

TAIWANESE actress and singer Barbie Hsu Hsi-yuan, considered "old" and "left over" in China at age 34, is a lightning rod for gossip about her many younger handsome boyfriends - and recently her marriage to a prodigiously...

From street magic to stardom

Sunday | Cover

AMERICAN David Blaine has starved himself in a coffin, frozen himself in ice cubes, hung upside down, survived in chains in a sphere of salt water and stood on tiny platform in the wind at great height. One of...

Alpinist achieves his sacred dream

Sunday | Cover

IT took British mountaineer and adventurer Leo Houlding almost a decade to achieve his sacred dream: free climb a whole new route up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California. On his fifth and final try,...

China's top model stars on global fashion stage

Sunday | Cover

DECEMBER'S American Vogue features eight of the highest-profile Asian models from China, Japan and South Korea who are, according to the magazine, "redefining traditional concepts of beauty." Asian faces have...

Little girl's story that resonates

Sunday | Cover

MANY film makers have mined the Holocaust for dramatic, horrific and also romanticized stories. Most look in excruciating detail at the persecution, the Nazi concentration camps, or the European battlefields. Few...

The revival of Kunqu opera starts with one man

Sunday | Cover

ON a Kunqu opera stage, Ke Jun is dressed in a traditional costume with a hat and his face covered in heavy make-up. Each step he takes is careful and each verse he sings is precise. It's exactly how his master...

Model keeps simple perspective on life

Sunday | Cover

AT 36, Lisa Selesner (better known by her stage name Lisa S.) seems to have everything most people can only dream of. She is wealthy because of her successful career as a famous TV host and model in Asia, she often...

Smile China gives kids a better life

Sunday | Cover

SMILES attract people and bring them together, but smiles don't come easily to children born with cleft lips and cleft palates. And the world often does not smile at them. Aiming to put a smile on every child's...

Selected Thoughts of Professor Lu Gusun

Sunday | Cover

TO Fudan graduates 2010 I hope you can all be spiritual giants and material grassroots. If one gets into college only thinking about BMWs, how pathetic will life be? He/She might as well ride on a bicycle, thinking...

Best professor in our hearts

Sunday | Cover

LU Gusun, multi-faceted man of letters, has earned many accolades over 30 years in which he has been "caught in the web of words" and at 70 years of age the wordsmith is still forging ahead. Lu is a lexicographer,...

Transplanting historic houses

Sunday | Cover

"IF I make up my mind to do something, then I will do it ... All of this you see is a work using 30 years of experience, 10 years of planning and four years of actual construction." People called him crazy, he...

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