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Inter-city bridge link set to open 

Metro | Urban construction

A NEW bridge expressway across the Yangtze River is set to open today to improve connections between Shanghai and Qidong and other cities in neighboring Jiangsu Province, according to Jiangsu traffic authority. ...

Work on bridge gets under way 

Metro | Urban construction

PART of the Nanpu Bridge - one of the city's major routes across the Huangpu River - will be closed today, marking the start of a month of maintenance work. Up to two lanes of the 428-meter cable-stayed bridge...

Lujiazui skyscrapers to connect 

Metro | Urban construction

APART from a newly completed elevated walkway, underpasses will be built to connect the skyscrapers in the Lujiazui area to make the financial zone more pedestrian-friendly. Construction started yesterday on five...

Twin towers set to rise on the Bund 

Metro | Urban construction

Isle resort building starts 

Metro | Urban construction

LOCAL residents will have a new way to spend their holiday as construction started yesterday on a new tourism project on a Zhejiang Province island that lies off the coast near Shanghai. Xugong Island, a two-hour...

Overpass under way 

Metro | Urban construction

VISITORS to Pudong's Lujiazui financial zone will have easy access to the waterfront area after construction began yesterday on an overpass connecting the Super Brand Mall to the riverside boulevard. The work is part...

Planners lower height on planned Bund complex 

Metro | Urban construction

SHANGHAI'S urban planning authorities yesterday lowered the height of a modern high-rise complex planned on the historic Bund to make it more harmonious with the rest of the Bund's architecture. The heights of...

Reviled Bund plan gets review 

Metro | Urban construction

SHANGHAI'S urban planning authority will reconsider the plan for a modern high-rise complex on the historic Bund after a large majority of local citizens disapproved of the design, a senior official said yesterday. ...

Precast concrete for green construction 

Metro | Urban construction

SHANGHAI is to use precast concrete on new residential buildings, in a bid to save energy and reduce construction pollution and noise. The construction technology has been widely adopted in many developed countries,...

Officials cite danger in lack of data on pipelines 

Metro | Urban construction

A LACK of documentation about the city's underground gas, power and other utility pipelines is posing a risk to public safety and making it difficult to ensure safe operations of future urban construction projects,...

Bund plan input sought 

Metro | Urban construction

SHANGHAI'S urban planning authority yesterday began soliciting public opinion on the proposal for a modern high-rise complex on the historic Bund after the plan caused outrage among local residents. Construction...

Outcry at high-rises on the Bund plan 

Metro | Urban construction

PLANS for a modern high-rise complex on the historic Bund have caused outrage among local residents. The complex would feature five tall and narrow gold buildings, according to an artist's rendition released by...

Pedestrian overpasses planned for Bund area 

Metro | Urban construction

FOLLOWING the construction of the Lujiazui skywalk, the Bund area will also have overhead walkways to make the historical area more pedestrian-friendly. Old buildings along Henan Road, a parallel street near the...

More sports facilities to be built in the suburbs 

Metro | Urban construction

MORE public sports facilities will be built in Shanghai to meet growing demand, city officials said yesterday. The Shanghai Sports Bureau said it will build 50 swimming pools in suburban areas in the next five...

Overhead corridor taking shape in Lujiazui 

Metro | Urban construction

A bi-level pedestrian overpass is under construction in the Lujiazui business district in Pudong and will open to the public in August, its constructor said today. The main structure of the overpass was completed...

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