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Fame for ayi who returned saved cash

Metro | Aging

HOLDING a bag full of coins and small notes, Pan Qiaoying, an hourly paid domestic helper, visited her former employer and returned 7,320 yuan (US$1,116) she had saved while shopping for her over the past 11 years. ...

Old roller-coaster fears

Metro | Aging

AGING amusement park rides are putting the safety of city residents at risk, a local expert warned yesterday. For while there are more than 300 large amusement park rides in operation in the city, there is no law...

Volunteers Head For The Asian Games

Metro | Aging

ELEVEN young people who had been volunteers at the Expo left the city today for Guangzhou to serve at the 2010 Asian Games, which takes place in the city from November 12 to November 27. They were selected from...

Improving lives for the elderly

Metro | Aging

THE city is taking new measures to improve the lives of the elderly, especially those living alone or who have limited income, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau told local legislators yesterday. Old people who...

Mid-level earners to get rental help

Metro | Aging

IN a move aimed at helping middle-income workers, especially young professionals, local government is expected to release detailed guidelines at the end of this month on qualifying for Shanghai's rental housing. ...

City to sweeten 100th birthdays

Metro | Aging

STARTING this year, Shanghai centenarians will receive 1,000 yuan (US$143) cash, a birthday cake, a bunch of flowers and a birthday card on their 100th birthdays, the Shanghai Committee on Aging said yesterday. The...

New park opens on National Day

Metro | Aging

THE first phase of Gucun Park, the city's biggest suburban wilderness area, will open to the public from National Day. Located in Baoshan District, the 183.9-hectare park is designed to be the "green lung" of...

110 and still going strong

Metro | Aging

A 110-year-old woman is still Shanghai's oldest resident. The annual top 10 centenarians in Shanghai will be revealed next month, Shanghai Morning Post reported today. The oldest Shanghai resident last year...

Elderly home alone become center of attention

Metro | Aging

A CENTER based in Pudong New Area has initiated a scheme for elderly people living alone that will provide them with company, safety in numbers and some extra income. The Companion Group is dedicated to matching...

Care scheme for city's seniors

Metro | Aging

THE city is working on a long-term insurance system to provide more seniors with the care they need. The city's population over the age of 60 stood at more than 3 million at the end of last year, the local aging...

Shanghainese aged over 60 hit 3 million

Metro | Aging

THERE were more than 3 million registered Shanghai residents aged over 60 at the end of last year -- about 137,400 more than by 2007 -- the Shanghai Statistics Bureau said yesterday. That represents 21.6 percent...

Parents want children to visit often

Metro | Aging

WHAT do parents want most from their adult children? A survey has shown that regular visits are ranked by far the most important thing for aged parents. More than 90 percent of respondents hoped their kids will...

Christmas is early for seniors

Metro | Aging

THE Shanghai government is expanding the social welfare coverage to include more seniors by lowering the age for them to access a monthly pension. Under the new rules, seniors of or above 70 years of age and being...

Seniors say it's OK being gray

Metro | Aging

SHANGHAI'S senior citizens are generally satisfied with their lives, according to a recent survey. The main complaint of the elderly is that their children don't visit often enough, according to the Shanghai...

Seniors happier with more visits

Metro | Aging

SHANGHAI seniors are generally satisfied with their lives, according to the latest survey. But it also revealed that children who didn’t visit their parents often were the main source of unhappiness. The Shanghai...

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