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'Angry cat' attacking residents after babies die

Metro | Pets and animals

AN "angry stray cat" has been ambushing people at the entrance to a residential building, attacking residents to avenge the deaths of its eight kittens killed by cars, residents complained yesterday. Today may...

4 detained 'for buying protected lizards'

Metro | Pets and animals

FOUR people have been detained for allegedly buying endangered Chinese crocodile lizards on the Internet, the Huangpu District Prosecutors' Office said yesterday. The suspects, all in their 20s, could face jail...

Law spurs registration of dogs

Metro | Pets and animals

IN the two months since Shanghai enacted a new law on dog ownership, the number of people voluntarily licensing their dogs has doubled the total for all of last year, police said yesterday. The law substantially...

Dog becomes foster mother of 3 tiger cubs

Metro | Pets and animals

THREE newborn Manchurian tiger cubs, which were abandoned by their mother in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, are now being nursed by a dog, a park official said today. Born on July 1, the three female cubs...

Wildlife fans target bird lure vendors

Metro | Pets and animals

NATURE lovers are trying to ban online sales of electronic bird lures, which they claim are being used to hunt protected species on the city's Chongming Island. On leading online platform, these devices...

It's a dog's world for few pets

Metro | Pets and animals

WORRIED about the future of their pet dogs that are on a blacklist defined by the city's new dog-raising law, some owners are moving their pets to suburban homes of their friends. The new dog-raising regulation,...

Pesticide-resistant termites on march

Metro | Pets and animals

SWARMS of termites resistant to normal pesticides swept across downtown yesterday, bringing misery to householders and businesses. As young queen and king termites took to the wing in areas such as Jing'an, Hongkou...

Stuck cat saved

Metro | Pets and animals

POLICE and firefighters saved a stray cat that was stuck in a crack between the ground and a concrete column supporting the North-South Elevated Road along Chengdu Road yesterday. The cat was discovered by a man surnamed...

Injured Chinese sturgeon recovering

Metro | Pets and animals

A CRITICALLY injured Chinese sturgeon, an endangered species known as a living fossil, is doing well after 27 days of intensive care. The fish, which is 2.48 meters long and weighs 125 kilograms, was placed in...

Yangtze River sturgeon recovering from wounds

Metro | Pets and animals

A critically injured Chinese sturgeon, an endangered species known as the living fossil, has survived after 27 days of intensive care by Shanghai wildlife experts. The fish, 2.48 meters long and weighing 125 kilograms,...

Dog law leads to rush to vets

Metro | Pets and animals

HUNDREDS of dog owners had their pets chipped and vaccinated yesterday, as Shanghai's first law on keeping dogs came into effect. Under the regulations, dogs must be chipped and vaccinated before they can be...

Dog license fee reduced by 75% in bid to collar city pets

Metro | Pets and animals

DOG owners are to pay 500 yuan (US$77) a year to license their pets under new regulations - a quarter of what many were previously charged. The city pricing authority yesterday revealed the figure for the new...

Here's the termite forecast ...

Metro | Pets and animals

TERMITES are on the march earlier than usual this year because of the high temperatures, leading to calls for weather forecast-style warnings about the wood-eating insects. Termite control stations have suggested...

Keep your dog on a leash come Sunday ...

Metro | Pets and animals

SHANGHAI'S first law governing the keeping of dogs comes into effect on Sunday. But, with less than a week to go, exactly how much a dog owner will be paying for the annual license is still not known. Lawmakers...

Rare snake found under car hood gets zoo home

Metro | Pets and animals

A PYTHON discovered under a car's engine hood at a downtown complex has been given a home at the Shanghai Zoo, officials said yesterday. The 1-meter African ball python - also known as a royal python - is an endangered...

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