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Freezing festive forecast 

Metro | Weather

FINE weather is expected over Christmas but the mercury looks set to slip below freezing, forecasters said. The sunny spell that started on Thursday should remain over the next three days, while temperatures will...

It's going to be freezing! 

Metro | Weather

WHILE the mercury is set to creep up during the first half of the week, it may drop to below freezing in the second half, weather forecasters said yesterday. After a chilly morning yesterday - when the minimum...

Winter's warmer 

Metro | Weather

THE city can expect sunshine and some cloud over the weekend, with temperatures up a few degrees on recent days, said the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau yesterday. Today is forecast sunny, with a high of 7 degrees...

Forecasters set to say winter's here 

Metro | Weather

WINTER is likely to be officially announced today - but the weather is set to get warmer as the week progresses. Today should be sunny with some cloud and temperatures between 2 and 10 degrees Celsius, higher...

Icy cold weather 

Metro | Weather

THE temperature could drop to minus 1 degree Celsius today in downtown Shanghai. The temperature will gradually rise from tomorrow to Wednesday, when a high of 13 degrees is forecast. Rain is forecast for the next...

Wind adds to city chill 

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI'S mercury should continue to drop throughout the weekend with the passing of a cold front while strong winds will make it feel even colder, forecasters said yesterday. The low is expected to reach zero...

Time to bundle up as cold wave coming 

Metro | Weather

THE mercury has started to plunge as a new cold wave is approaching, the city weather authority said yesterday. The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau warned yesterday that the temperature was to start dropping last...

Chilly days and filthy air ahead 

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI is expecting another cold front and a steep fall in temperature, the weather forecaster says today. The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau warns that the temperature will plunge tonight and reach nearly zero...

Warmth to replace wintry chill 

Metro | Weather

WINTER has not quite arrived in Shanghai yet, as warmer, wet weather is predicted this week, following a chilly snap in recent days. Following a chilly morning yesterday, with mercury dipping below 5 degrees Celsius...

Warmer days after today's freeze 

Metro | Weather

FREEZING weather is predicted this morning but temperatures should rise over the weekend in Shanghai forecasters said yesterday. In the city's outskirts, the mercury will drop to zero, bringing frost as the strongest...

Layer up as mercury set to touch freezing point 

Metro | Weather

THE city's temperature will touch zero degrees Celsius early tomorrow? but bounce back up over the weekend after the cold front fades away, weather forecasters said today. Tomorrow morning the mercury will drop...

Warmest autumn in 10 years 

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI is experiencing its warmest autumn in a decade, according to the city's weather authority, but that should end this week with the arrival of rains brought by the latest cold front. Temperatures hit 22.5...

Warmer weekend after chill 

Metro | Weather

THURSDAY was the coldest day since autumn began, but the city should feel warmer this weekend. However, cold weather is set to return next Wednesday, forecasters said yesterday. Over the weekend, the maximum...

Warmer weekend to end with rainy days 

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI will have a warmer weekend after a minimum temperature of 6.2 degrees Celsius was recorded yesterday, the lowest since the start of this autumn, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau. As the...

Major cities suffering months of hazy days 

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI and Beijing are among a number of major Chinese cities which experienced "hazy" days for up to half of last year. The findings indicate China's worsening trend of urban air pollution, which could be...

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