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Full moon may be missing at festival

Metro | Weather

PEOPLE may miss the full moon at this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, as cloudy to overcast skies are expected that day, next Monday. Before that, rain is expected to hit the city starting today and lasting until...

Weather to be nice, but flower likely late

Metro | Weather

LOCALS may not be able to enjoy the fragrance of osmanthus during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday next weekend, as the weather is unlikely to be suitable for the flower to bloom, said the Shanghai Botanical Garden. ...

It's 'good riddance' to summer's scorchers

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI'S sweltering heat of summer likely is gone, as no days with highs exceeding 35 degrees Celsius are forecast for September, forecasters said yesterday. The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said the temperatures...

Shanghai not at risk

Metro | Weather

TYPHOON Nanmadol is unlikely to have much effect on Shanghai because of its distance from the city and relatively small size, forecasters said. This year's 11th typhoon, which hit Taiwan yesterday, should continue...

Warmer weather

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI should get a little warmer this week with less rain, city forecasters said yesterday. The high this week is expected to climb to around 32 degrees Celsius.

End of summer? Not yet

Metro | Weather

FORECASTERS say summer is not yet over, despite yesterday being chushu in the Chinese calendar - the date from which the heat is believed to start dying down. Recent cool weather, with highs below 30 degrees Celsius,...

A cooler, wetter week lies ahead

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI should cool down this week, with the high below 30 degrees Celsius and more rain, forecasters said. A cold front extending southwards should see rain dominate the city's weather and the mercury drop sharply,...

Downpour delays 69 flights

Metro | Weather

A thunderstorm postponed the departures of 69 flights from Shanghai during today's morning rush hour. The delayed flights included four flights to Seoul and Hong Kong from the Pudong International Airport. However,...

Scorching heat on way to city

Metro | Weather

SAUNA-LIKE weather is expected to return this week with the mercury reaching 38 degrees Celsius, city forecasters said yesterday. The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said that starting today, the city should experience...

Storm drenches Shanghai

Metro | Weather

HUNDREDS of flights were delayed and residential complexes were flooded as a thunderstorm doused Shanghai yesterday afternoon. The storm dumped more than 100 millimeters of rain in Pudong and Chongming County,...

3 die as thunderstorm hits city

Metro | Weather

THREE people died when a thunderstorm hit Shanghai on Thursday night, local government officials said yesterday. Two people were reported to have been killed by lightning while the third died when a shed collapsed...

17 flights delayed due to thunderstorm

Metro | Weather

SEVENTEEN flights departing from Shanghai have been delayed as of 9:30am after a thunderstorm hit the city in today's morning rush hours Two escalators in Caoyang Station of Metro Line 3 have been shut down following...

Thunderstorm delays flights and floods roads across Shanghai

Metro | Weather

A heavy thunderstorm delayed 17 flights scheduled to depart from Shanghai this morning as of 9:30am. Meanwhile, two escalators in the Caoyang Station of Metro Line 3 were shut down due to a leaking roof ...

Yellow alert issued for scattered thunderstorms in Shanghai

Metro | Weather

THUNDERSTORMS will occur in parts of Shanghai this afternoon, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said in a forecast. The bureau issued a yellow thunderstorm alert, the lowest in a three-color warning system, at...

Storm heads out, heat comes back to Shanghai

Metro | Weather

SHANGHAI is expected to heat up sharply this week, now that Tropical Storm Muifa has moved on. The high is expected to stay above 34 degrees Celsius over the next few days and should hit 35 during the weekend,...

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