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Kiwi daughter of the dragon

Sunday | Cover

SHANGHAI-BORN Pansy Wong knows about immigrants and New Zealand's minister for ethnic and women's affairs is a role model for migrants. Victoria Lai reports. Pansy Wong is a pretty good mix of Kiwi and Chinese....

Master of defiance

Sunday | Cover

ON the profile page of his books, Li Ao is described as a writer, social commentator, historian and independent politician based in Taiwan. But that doesn't begin to capture the spirit of the outspoken, flamboyant...

Thoughts of Qiu Xiaolong

Sunday | Cover

ON writing in two languages: I started writing in English in 1989 and I do not write as much in Chinese now. (One reason is that) I speak with a strong Shanghai accent, and my command of pinyin is not that reliable....

Tales of Shanghai in Red Dust Lane

Sunday | Cover

AUTHOR Qiu Xiaolong is acclaimed for his Inspector Chen detective series set in Shanghai of the 1990s. But his latest work is a short story collection inspired by the "Red Dust" lane where he grew up. He chats with...

China's Prince of the Piano

Sunday | Cover

PIANIST Li Yundi is packaged as the "Piano Prince," the elegant patrician and young romantic whose music is poetry. Wang Zhiyu reports. For the extravaganza opening of its flagship store in Lujiazhui last month,...

Supernova a star is born

Sunday | Cover

TWELVE years ago Natalia Vodianova was a poor girl selling fruit on the street in Russia. Today she's a supermodel. Michelle Zhang reports.Natalia Vodianova looks tired. The Russian supermodel was in Shanghai to promote...

Masterful Monk

Sunday | Cover

BLENDING ancient wisdom and modern management, Master Juexing of the Jade Temple is expanding the horizons of charity in China and extending good works to the World Expo in Shanghai. Elise Fu reports. Accompanied...

Fudan boss knows adversity

Sunday | Cover

FUDAN University President Yang Yuliang didn't graduate from high school but sheer hard work got him through university to become an eminent scientist and administrator, as Liang Yiwen reports. There's a popular...

Going green one child at a time

Sunday | Cover

TORI Zwisler has spearheaded the city's grassroots environmental movement as the founder of Shanghai Roots and Shoots, Zhang Qian reports. There is no doubt more attention is being given to environmental problems. ...

Pageants to peasants

Sunday | Cover

ARTIST Cai Guoqiang has rarely been known to miss a pageant in China, particularly in recent years. And there's no doubt that his fame has risen in sync with the country's fast-paced development. In 2001, his...

Mr Charisma shakes his way to dance hall fame

Sunday | Cover

AFTER starting work as a fruit vendor, Fang Jun couldn't resist the urges of boyhood and devoted himself to professional dancing. The rest is local TV showbiz history, Xu Wei reports. Fang Jun, a local dancing...

Escaping to find China's old culture

Sunday | Cover

A new cultural retreat established in Yunnan Province offers a respite from the incessant pace of life in China. It's been set up by old China hand Brian Linden to help people rediscover the country's incredible...

Footlight fame for dance star

Sunday | Cover

CHOREOGRAPHER Huang Doudou flits between Broadway and Shanghai as his staging skills keep him in demand but there was a time when a dance academy rejected him because his legs were too short, Nie Xin discovers. Although...

Photo life of a city from gunboats to modern times

Sunday | Cover

A new compilation of rare photos found in archives and private collections unravels the origins of today's Shanghai. David Maguire talks on the eve of its launch with one of the authors, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo...

Timeless HK beauty now a charity queen

Sunday | Cover

IT'S a sunny afternoon in Shanghai's early spring. The interview with "the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong" in history, Loletta Chu Lo, was at Fountain Cafe in Xintiandi, a perfect combination of modern and old Shanghai,...

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