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Timeless HK beauty now a charity queen

Sunday | Cover

IT'S a sunny afternoon in Shanghai's early spring. The interview with "the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong" in history, Loletta Chu Lo, was at Fountain Cafe in Xintiandi, a perfect combination of modern and old Shanghai,...

Lensman kept an eye on changing China

Sunday | Cover

THE celebrated French photographer Marc Riboud has been shooting the light and shade of China's progress since 1957, Michelle Zhang reports. Marc Riboud preferred to "walk around" rather than sit in the hotel...

Hotel dynasty reclaims its rich heritage

Sunday | Cover

AS the red carpet was rolled out from the roadside, past a gleaming 1934 vintage Rolls Royce and up to the entrance of The Peninsula Shanghai, guests inside the spacious lobby were chatting away over late breakfast...

Makeup maestro revels in the pressure

Sunday | Cover

CELEBRATED as among the most magnificent opening and closing ceremonies of major international events, the Beijing Olympics will long live in people's memories for its ambition, beauty and precision. And while...

China Ding back in the fame frame

Sunday | Cover

DING Junhui picked up a snooker cue when he was a young boy and was relentlessly breaking records until two years ago when he hit a slump. But last year he scooped up the UK championship title and is back in the winner's...

Box-office honey has magic theater touch

Sunday | Cover

WITH an eye for what's popular, the boyish He Nian has tapped into what theatregoers want to see, blending wit and black humor with innovative production gimmicks, like flying a helicopter into the theater. Michelle...

Film hero is reborn -- Jet Li on a new mission

Sunday | Cover

LI Lianjie refuses to strike a kung fu pose for photographers. "I don't like violence at all," said the action movie star better known to English-speaking audiences as Jet Li. The devout Buddhist has had an epiphany...

Popular rebel without a cause shuns the 'right way'

Sunday | Cover

WHEN racing driver Han Han flipped the bird at judges after receiving a penalty during the China Touring Car Championship last June, many asked if he had taken his tendency for controversy a step too far. But he...

On the frontline in Haiti

Sunday | Cover

WITH eight peacekeepers killed, China was not spared from the tragedy of the recent earthquake in Haiti. Its forces have served with honor in the small country in the past, and Ni Yinbin talks with Zhu Hua about her...

Tomboy star inspired by fading opera's traditions

Sunday | Cover

PEKING Opera performer Wang Peiyu was smitten by the revered traditional art form at the age of 12 and has found fame as one of its most accomplished performers. But the longer she performs on stage, the more she realizes...

Patriot opens US wallets for Expo float support

Sunday | Cover

US resident Zhang Sujiu has an almost impeccible China pedigree: her army general father led the defence of Shanghai against the Japanese invasion, she coordinates Sino-US communities and raises funds for Tsinghua...

Yue challenges the changes

Sunday | Cover

A cynicism about life in modern China dominates the paintings of Yue Minjun, down to the illusion he portrays of himself widely smiling on canvas. He continues to question in his art the many changes taking place in...

Thai princess shows a royal love for China and science

Sunday | Cover

THAI Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol is talented. Not only is she an award-winning scientist, but she is also an accomplished musician with a passion for the Chinese instrument guzheng. Her recent Shanghai performance...

A guy and his Barbie babes

Sunday | Cover

THE top designer of Barbie dolls has worked with the iconic girlie collectable for 15 years, collaborated with top designers on new versions and guided Barbie this year through her 50th anniversary. He tells Michelle...

Shanghai star's turns full circle home to China

Sunday | Cover

FROM film roles as an emperor's concubine to legendary political wife Soong Mei-ling, acclaimed actress Vivian Wu has worked with the best. But she has come "home" to stimulate movie making in China and do charity...

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