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Amusing Italian muses the city

Feature | Expat Tales

FIORENZO Brioschi remains a true Italian, even though he has been living in Suzhou for more than five years. "Of course I can fit into the city and the local life very well, but I still remember that in my heart I'm...

3 American rappers in Shanghai

Feature | Expat Tales

THREE American brothers, one who gave up on Wall Street, form the rap group Armada Red that plays city nightclubs and promotes musical exchanges between China and the West. Alex Gladstone reports. If you like to...

Auto engineer all jammed up

Feature | Expat Tales

AUTOMOTIVE engineer Amelia Heaton-Renshaw drove from London to Ulan Bator in Mongolia on a rally - and decided she might as well roll on to China. Nie Xin reports. Amelia Heaton-Renshaw has come a long way from...

Briton works to improve animal welfare

Feature | Expat Tales

BRITON Marvin Manalac quit his IT job in London, moved to Shanghai in 2006 and two years ago opened an animal rescue center with adoption services. Nie Xin reports. Animal lover Marvin Manalac believes every animal...

Motto: 'I serve, therefore I am'

Feature | Expat Tales

AMERICAN Sheila Seiler fulfills her passion to help others by teaching at an international school and running the charity BEAN. She tells Nie Xin that she sees more and more people in Shanghai reaching out to help...

French baker calls teaching a recipe for success

Feature | Expat Tales

FRENCH "baking technician" Thomas Kalkhoven has a soft spot for young people in need - first inner city kids in Lille and now poor kids in Shanghai. Sophy Nie reports. French baker Thomas Kalkhoven teaches baking...

Writing from the heart

Feature | Expat Tales

VALENTINE Sorret has made good use of her spare time, compiling her thoughts and observations about life in Shanghai into a charming book. Nie Xin meets the engaging Frenchwoman. Valentine Sorret fits into the...

Working for a better tomorrow

Feature | Expat Tales

AS a co-founder and partner at Spark Creative, Susan Evans introduces sustainable living concepts in Shanghai. She sees a great deal of progress toward greener lifestyles in the city, writes Yao Minji. Susan Evans...

Chicagoan is a stand-up act

Feature | Expat Tales

SINGER, actress and comedian Elizabeth Anhalt landed in Shanghai a year ago to teach English and soon joined the People's Republic of Comedy that performs regularly at Malone's American Cafe. The seven-member...

Author dancing through city's history

Feature | Expat Tales

ANDREW Field, a 40-year-old American scholar, is so obsessed with Chinese history and culture that he published a book about a specific aspect of it last year. The book, "Shanghai's Dancing World: Cabaret Culture...

Jewelry designer fuses cultures

Feature | Expat Tales

GOLD and silver, gems from Brazil, bead work from Africa and jade from China are used by French jewelry designer Helene Dumenil to forge dramatic, one-of-a kind works. Nie Xin reports. French jewelry designer Helene...

Duo providing dynamic dining

Feature | Expat Tales

OFTEN dressed in formal suits, Siem Bierman and his business partner Onno Schreurs, both hailing from the Netherlands, are the brainchild behind the popular Shanghai Restaurant Week event. Of Dutch-Indonesian descent...

Magic, masala and rock and roll

Feature | Expat Tales

INDIAN restaurateur Vic Kishinchand gives off more than just good vibes at his restaurant, with the amateur magician amazing diners with his electric energy. Guests at his Indian restaurant "Kaveen's Kitchen"...

Cool character talking all that jazz

Feature | Expat Tales

WITH regular performances at various venues across the city, Theo Croker is a prominent name on the Shanghai jazz scene. Nie Xin chats with the young US trumpeter and composer who - along with his trusty sextet - is...

From Ukraine with Love

Feature | Expat Tales

UKRAINIAN Iryna Novikova landed in Shanghai five years ago, speaking no Chinese and no English. Now she has mastered both and she and her Shanghainese husband are a super-duo singing and hosting TV shows. Nie Xin reports. ...

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