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2011-9-9 0:48:04

S. Korean president sets peace as precondition of inter-Korean summit   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:47:41

Fire breaks out in Shanghai chemical industry zone   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:47:19

Biden says China's success can make U.S. more prosperous   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:46:58

Obama urges Americans to reclaim post-9/11 unity   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:46:45

China's economic hub to build world's biggest expo center   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:46:31

Chinese man discharged from hospital after being in coma for eight months   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:46:14

Sino-Africa cooperation ought to be further developed amid uncertain global economy: minister   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:31:09

Two scholars awarded HK Teaching Award   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:30:55

Trichet says ECB eyes on containing eurozone inflation, boosting growth   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:30:37

Decade after 9/11, bitter memory, sense of insecurity linger in minds of many Americans   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:30:05

5.1-magnitude quake hits Kuril Islands: USGS   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:29:52

Excellent college teachers awarded ahead of Teachers' Day   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:29:38

French central bank downgrades Q3 growth rate   (XINHUA)

2011-9-9 0:29:00

Russia's energy minister to visit Iran for inauguration of Bushehr nuclear power plant   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:45:14

Palestinians make final decision over requesting UN membership   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:43:34

Somali soldier kills five, wounds three during food aid handout: media   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:42:16

All 12 trapped miners confirmed dead in SW China colliery flooding   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:42:04

Chinese vice president vows to boost all-round strategic partnership with Kazakhstan   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:41:48

Mao's hometown invites James Cameron to direct show about the late leader   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:31:46

Fifth session of Mubarak's trial opens, second witness testifies   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:30:20

Implementation of ECFA creates more job opportunities for Taiwan: SEF chairman   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:30:06

U.S. mortgage rates hit new record lows   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:28:40

Kuwait leads during Gulf Arab markets post-holiday week   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:28:17

Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant to be inaugurated on Sept. 12   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:27:51

Three officers killed by armed groups in north Syria   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:27:26

EU divided over Eastern Partnership offer: Polish FM   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 23:02:18

Senior Chinese leader stresses innovation, cultural reform   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:52:04

Israeli settlers say open-fire rules against Palestinian rioters vague   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:51:40

U.S. envoy calls on Turkey, Israel to keep diplomatic channels open: newspaper   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:51:22

China launches temporary cotton reserve   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:51:05

Pakistani president appeals to int'l community for flood aid   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:50:51

Vietnamese, Singaporean FMs hold talks in Hanoi to promote bilateral relations   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:49:27

Modern version of classic Chinese painting debuts in Beijing   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:49:07

ITF Taekwondo World Championships opens in Pyongyang   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:48:57

ICC prosecutor seeks Interpol help to arrest Gaddafi   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:48:45

Pakistan doesn't want militarization but to eliminate terrorism   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:48:32

CIS holds joint air defense exercises in Russia   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:48:21

Swedish court rejects Saab's application for reorganization   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:48:09

DPRK holds national meeting to mark 63rd birthday   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:47:57

U.S. trade deficit drops to 44.8 billion dollars in July   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:02:36

U.S. stocks open lower amid jobless claim, trade deficit data   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 22:00:47

China to drop poorly-managed intangible cultural heritage from list   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:56:13

2011 Triathlon worlds opens in Beijing   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:55:03

Recorders of crashed Yak-42 found in Volga river   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:55:03

2011 Triathlon worlds opens in Beijing   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:50:30

Iran to open bank in Pakistan, boosting bilateral cooperation   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:49:07

Tom Noddy's bubble magic stages in Taibei   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:42:50

NASA delays launch of twin lunar probes due to high wind   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:42:32

Spanish Olympic chief, Blanco to head Madrid 2020 bid   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:41:28

Russian players to create new hockey team after fatal plane crash   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:40:45

Medvedev demands improvement of air safety after fatal plane crash   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:37:08

Hamas slams U.S. envoy for calling for Israeli soldier's release   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:28:15

China, Britain should harness new opportunities for co-op: Chinese vice premier   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 21:02:08

New "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" created by artists from Chinese mainland and China's Taiwan   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:41:46

Actress from Legend Lin Dance Theater perform in Taipei   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:37:53

Cambodian court convicts Briton to 12 years in jail for child-sex abuse   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:32:52

Suspected al-Qaida militants attack gov't building in south Yemen's Aden, 2 policemen injured   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:25:52

Tibetan children to receive free heart treatment in Beijing   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:24:06

Defending champions confident of Beijing triathlon worlds   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:24:00

Indian-controlled Kashmir chief minister vows to cooperate with gov't probing Delhi blast   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:23:37

Primera Liga preview   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:23:22

Palestinian leadership affirms decision to request UN membership   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:20:08

Growing wealth gap stifling rural students' dreams for top university   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:18:09

Alves: I will help Neymar come to Barcelona   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:18:05

British Embassy welcomes Chinese Paralympians to celebrate International Paralympic Day   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:16:14

Abbas, Arab League chief discuss Palestinian bid for UN membership   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:15:16

Jordan's opposition party urges release of prisoner who kills Israelis   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:07:55

Top Chinese legislator to visit four nations   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:04:59

PKK rebels kidnap four village guards in southeastern Turkey   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 20:04:08

Fine Art Aisa 2011 to be held in HK   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 19:43:50

House sales fall in Spain in Q2 2011   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 19:39:24

Vice premier welcomes Swedish companies to operate in China   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 19:38:07

Senior Chinese political advisor meets Pakistani guests   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 19:35:59

Chinese premier pledges to improve welfare of rural teachers   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 19:08:38

Singapore market rises 0.87% ahead of Obama's job creation speech   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 19:05:13

Italian austerity plan approved, economic and political problems remain   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 19:00:59

Hong Kong court makes final judgment on "Congo case"   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:58:33

Int'l democratic forum to open in Ukraine next week   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:48:05

Luxury on show at expo of top brands in Milan   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:47:35

Fifth session of Mubarak's trial opens, first witness testifies   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:46:57

Five more direct flights to be launched between Chinese mainland's Hainan, Taiwan   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:41:19

Russia launches Far Eastern gas pipeline   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:40:53

To lend a hand or not becomes a question in China   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:40:38

PBOC enhances banks' cash flow with liquidity injection after new reserve rules   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:39:02

Chinese public perceive Internet as major source of rumors: survey   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:38:18

Syrian official newspaper scoffs at UN chief's statement   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:37:23

China issues revised rules for police supervision   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:37:06

Overcrowding, illegal operation blamed for deadly road accident   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:36:47

Syrian researcher urges government to amend constitution   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:33:18

IED blast kills 2 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:29:36

Nikkei edges up 0.34 pct, gains capped ahead of Obama speech   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:23:59

3 killed, 2 wounded in Iraq's violence   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:19:24

Japan's central bank sees exports and production continuing to rise   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:16:48

Virtual flame to be "lit" in China's winter games   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:15:57

Disaster death toll hits 72 in Thailand   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:15:15

Netanyahu: Crisis with Turkey "not our choice"   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:09:05

Thailand eyes for 2014 World Cup   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:08:28

Rockslide buries 3 miners in E. Ukraine   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:04:50

Readers welcome outspoken former premier's new book   (XINHUA)

2011-9-8 18:04:30

Indonesia to modernize defense equipment: President   (XINHUA)

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