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Asashoryu makes a tearful farewell after drinking row

Sports | Wrestling

TROUBLED sumo grand champion Asashoryu announced his retirement from the ancient sport at a tear-filled news conference yesterday, following a probe into reports of a drunken scuffle in Tokyo last month. "I have...

Asashoryu faces probe into alleged booze-rage

Sports | Wrestling

TROUBLED sumo grand champion Asashoryu faces a potentially career-threatening probe into allegations of a drunken scuffle in Tokyo last month. Newly elected Japan Sumo Association executive board member Takanohana...

Iranians dominate

Sports | Wrestling

IRAN dominated the first day of the Takhiti Cup freestyle wrestling tournament in Tehran, winning 10 of the 12 medals available, including three golds. Michael Tamillow of the United States and Abdul Amaev of Uzbekistan...

Abrahamian stripped of bronze

Sports | Wrestling

A SWEDISH wrestler was disqualified and stripped of his bronze medal yesterday for dropping his medal in protest after a disputed loss. Ara Abrahamian was punished by the International Olympic Committee for violating...

Yoshida tames Xu for title

Sports | Wrestling

DEFENDING Olympic champion Saori Yoshida of Japan kept her headlock on the women's 55-kilogram title, pinning down the gold in Beijing yesterday with a spectacular win over her less-experienced Chinese opponent. ...

Swede throws medal

Sports | Wrestling

SWEDISH wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw down his bronze medal in protest at the refereeing yesterday after his bid for Greco-Roman gold failed and now faces an International Olympic Committee (IOC) hearing. Abrahamian...

'Tigermania' of another kind

Sports | Wrestling

VETERAN Indian wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh is still hitting the mats in Japan. After 43 years in professional wrestling, Singh is still throwing chairs, delivering body blows and finishing opponents off with his...

Wrestler ousted

Sports | Wrestling

FORMER world wrestling champion Joe Warren will miss the Olympics after an arbitrator upheld the American's two-year suspension for a second positive test for marijuana. The decision will leave the US team without...

Icy plunge

Sports | Wrestling

JAPAN'S top women wrestlers celebrated the start of the 2008 Olympic year by plunging into the icy depths of Tokyo Bay in an extreme training exercise. Olympic gold medalist Saori Yoshida was among those who participated...

Troubled champion bows to the bosses

Sport | Wrestling

JAPAN'S sumo authority yesterday forced controversial grand champion Asashoryu to give up his wish to spend New Year's Day with his children in his native Mongolia. The 27-year-old behemoth's professional activities...

Icho's golden run

Sport | Wrestling

ATHENS Olympic champion Kaori Icho of Japan won her fifth straight gold medal on Sunday at the World Wrestling Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan. Icho defeated Yelena Shalygina of Ukraine 3-0 in the 63-kilogram...

Wrestler strangles wife, son, hangs himself

Sport | Wrestling

PROFESSIONAL wrestler Chris Benoit strangled his wife, suffocated his seven-year-old son and placed a Bible next to their bodies before hanging himself with a weight-machine pulley, authorities said. Investigators...

Lucky again

Sport | Wrestling

Scrambling out of a downed, waterlogged airplane, swimming to shore through an icy cold lake, spending the night exposed in the freezing, desert chill, then walking away with little more than bumps and bruises and...

Sapp sends Akebono crashingK-1

Sport | Wrestling

FORMER sumo wrestler Akebono didn't last long in his K-1 debut against Bob Sapp.

Russian wins gold

Sport | Wrestling

RUSSIA'S Varteres Samourgashev won the gold medal on Saturday in the 74kg Greco-Roman division at the World Wrestling Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

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