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Fraud scandal taints all Chinese firms

Business | Biz Talk

FROM outside it looks like a double dip has hit the United States stock markets as predicted. Investment boards on Wall Street have turned red and massive losses remind one of the 2008 global financial crisis. Unlike...

In defense of Apple's iCloud strategy

Business | Biz Talk

EARLIER this week, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled a new online storage and retrieval service, and an upgraded operating system for Apple Inc's mobile devices in the United States. Though there wasn't...

Q+ seeks to cement Tencent position

Business | Biz Talk

TENCENT, China's largest Internet company, is adding an array of enhanced services to its core QQ instant messaging site after data showed the amount of time users spend chatting online is slipping. Tencent unveiled...

Skepticism abounds over new baby

Business | Biz Talk

"LIKE a baby almost ready to come into the world." That's how Wang Jianjun, deputy director of the General Office of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, described the long-awaited Shanghai international...

Let online payment battle commence

Business | Biz Talk

LAST week, online shopping website 360Buy said it has scrapped a deal allowing users to pay for goods and services using accounts with third-party online payment company Alipay. The decision is the latest twist...

Wealth lists open up more questions

Business | Biz Talk

FORMER Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping once famously said, "To get rich is glorious." Of course, that was back in the days when China was moving from a backward, controlled economy to a market economy and his words were...

Noted economist predicts hard times

Business | Biz Talk

THE debate over whether China is headed for a "hard landing" or not in two years' time is heated, one month after noted economist Nouriel Roubini issued a pessimistic forecast on the subject. Roubini is not the...

Yuan's influence set to grow globally

Business | Biz Talk

IN 2009 when China allowed the yuan to be used in limited cross-border trading, it would have been hard to imagine the Chinese currency overtaking the pound as one of the world's top three traded currencies. But...

Facebook of China still long way off

Business | Biz Talk

IT seems to help Chinese dot-com firms that want to list overseas if they identify themselves with global industry names. Thus we have a "Facebook of China" list that includes social website, which completed...

Idealist takes issue with wealth gap

Business | Biz Talk

LI Xunlei, chief economist of Guotai Junan Securities Co, China's largest brokerage house, wrote an article earlier this year that appeared on the Wall Street Journal's Chinese website. It was an analysis of...

Refining system is taxing legislators

Business | Biz Talk

JUST as we were expecting China's top lawmakers to approve a proposal to change the minimum income tax threshold to 3,000 yuan (US$460) from 2,000 yuan, they said they need to hold off a decision and solicit more...

Curbing price rises not easy solution

Business | Biz Talk

MY cousin, a 38-year-old senior manager in a multinational clothing company, recently told me that he has started to stockpile goods at home. "I'm now buying more daily necessities than I need," he said. "Even...

Is CSRC ready to sharpen scrutiny?

Business | Biz Talk

THERE'S a bad odor wafting through China's market regulatory framework. The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced earlier this month that it was revoking its approval for the initial public offering...

Owning a home may just be a dream

Business | Biz Talk

MORE than 90 percent of Chinese cities, including Shanghai, have announced how they will implement nationally-mandated price controls on property by the March 31 deadline. But is the campaign to stabilize home...

No expense spared in battle of blogs

Business | Biz Talk

MICROBLOGGING sites are all the rage in China, with major industry players sparing no expense and resorting to lavish marketing campaigns to attract users to the latest craze in social networking. is currently...

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