Taiwan woman in death plunge

By Zha Minjie  |   2011-5-5  |     NEWSPAPER EDITION

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May 5, 2011

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THE only daughter of Taiwan's top examination official plunged to her death from a Shanghai high-rise in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Wendy Kuan, 34, fell from a residential complex in Xuhui District between 4am to 5am, police said yesterday.

Police have ruled out the possibility of murder after an initial investigation.

Kuan fell from the kitchen window in the residence on the 27th floor, officers said. It is not known if she was alone in the apartment at the time.

Local Police and the Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai are further investigating the incident.

She was the only daughter of Kuan John Chung, president of Taiwan's Examination Yuan, or House of Examination.

Kuan's family, including her father, arrived in Shanghai yesterday evening.

Kuan John Chung was "in deep sorrow and almost collapsed" at a Taiwan airport, according to Taiwan reports.

Her mother, Zhang Hui Jun, hinted that there had been "relationship problems," according to the reports.

Kuan married Lin Zhele, an independent movie director, in March last year and the couple had a daughter late last year.

They owned their own movie production company in Shanghai.

Lin, a Shanghai native, is an award-winning director and is viewed as one of China's most promising young directors.

He shot to fame with film "Fill Kish," which won a short film competition held by the Consulate of France and UniFrance. He was invited to the 2006 Cannes film festival when he was just 23.

Police were still in the area late last night, checking people entering the building.

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