Report: Nightclubs stage stripteases

By Zhang Xuanchen  |   2011-4-20  |     NEWSPAPER EDITION

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Apr 20, 2011

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STRIP performances are common in several theaters and nightclubs in east China and local officials turn a blind eye to it, according to state television.

Young women in bras and see-through panties were seen dancing seductively and cheered on by customers, who paid 25 yuan (US$3.83) for an entry ticket, in a couple of nightclubs China Central Television investigated in Zhejiang Province.

The club operators tried to make the performances hard to miss with giant posters featuring sexy dancers and a stereo repeatedly broadcasting adverts, the report said.

Residents said the banned performances emerged about three years ago but local authorities never stopped them.

Hu Xiang, a broker in charge of nearly 40 performance groups, said his booming business is now faced with a dancer shortage as he expanded in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces.

Hu said his groups were shielded by the owners of nightclubs who had "strong ties" with local government.

Officials claimed no such performances were staged.

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