Fishermen detained in boat attack that left 2 dead, 2 missing

By Zhang Xuanchen  |   2011-5-17  |     ONLINE EDITION

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POLICE have detained 22 fishermen who allegedly attacked a rival fishing boat, leaving two people dead and two missing in the Bohai Sea.

Marine police in Hebei Province said it was the worst violence involving fishermen in the Bohai Sea in recent years partly due to diminishing fish stock in the region, which prompted fierce competition among fishermen, China National Radio reported today.
The victim, Wang Bingzhong, said his 128-horsepower boat carried his son and seven other fishermen and was about to have a catch at the sea when their boat was surrounded by seven unknown vessels on March 28. Wang tried to steer away but one of the hostile vessels hit the stern of his boat and another vessel rammed the starboard of his boat. The attackers then threw stones, bricks and petrol bombs until Wang's boat overturned.

All nine people on Wang's boat fell into sea. Wang, his son and three others were luckily rescued by a passing boat. But two veteran boatmen died and two others went missing.

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