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Far East heaven for creative minds

Sunday | City Scene

AS the "Paris of the East" and Asia's commercial capital, Shanghai was heaven for architects in the early 1900s through the 1930s, a place where they could be creative on a grand scale. As the city prospered,...

Gems around People's Square

Sunday | City Scene

SHANGHAI may ever-changing with sleek new architecture, but the distinctive buildings from the vibrant 1920s and 30s make the city come alive with its textured history. Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec was one of the...

Music soothes the savage soul

Sunday | City Scene

THE roaring 1920s, also known by some as the "Jazz Age," was the time for experiments and discovering new jazz styles. The music achieved national attention in the United States and then flourished in Shanghai. Shanghai,...

Must-see museums on the Bund

Sunday | City Scene

SHANGHAI has many fascinating and specialized museums showcasing ancient relics, contemporary art and science and technology. Visiting museums makes for a relaxing "cultural" day and offers opportunities to learn...

Tea houses where you can linger

Sunday | City Scene

THE art of tea is an intrinsic part of culture in China, the kingdom of tea. In fact, tea is a culture in itself, with its own rituals and aesthetics. Tea drinking is said to date back 4,000 years, when it was first...

Exploring cool specialty markets

Sunday | City Scene

SHANGHAI'S bustling markets are a must-see for visitors because they breathe local culture and customs. There's a word in Shanghai dialect "shi hui," meaning economical. Shanghainese are known for their obsession...

Stitch up some clever embroidery

Sunday | City Scene

A trading route spanning China, central Asia, northern India and the Parthian and Roman Empires 2,000 years ago took the magnificent products of ancient Chinese civilization to the world along the Silk Road. The...

Designer eyes on lofty green goals

Sunday | City Scene

AS things change quickly, certain trends are sure to be particularly important over the coming years. There is no denying the most exciting and important trend in design sectors worldwide is an increased sensitivity...

City awash with Art Deco pieces

Sunday | City Scene

IN past issues, we ran a series featuring Art Deco buildings in the city. As an architectural style that was the symbol of modernism in the 1930s, it is impossible today to recreate a building of that era. But there...

Lip-smacking Shanghai snacking

Sunday | City Scene

MANY people don't consider traditional snacks as an integral part of a city's heartbeat. But mention sushi, and we think of Japan. Talk about tapas, and we are reminded of Spain. In this issue, we highlight six...

City's golden era of Art Deco

Sunday | City Scene

WHEN the world struggled with the Great Depression in the 1930s, Shanghai was grooving to an artistic and cultural beat. As a city determined to dance in tandem with the most forward-looking and fashionable tunes,...

Wanping Rd's local food gems

Sunday | City Scene

WANPING Road connects the commercial area of Zhaojiabang Road to the high-class residential estates of Huaihai Road M., and is home to numerous establishments that serve both the working crowd and residents. Xujiahui...

Diverse styles in Yuyuan Road

Sunday | City Scene

MOVING along Yuyuan Road from the intersection with Zhenning Road, there are numerous different housing areas dotted along the street. Yuyuan Road, to the west of the former International Settlement boundary,...

Much more behind the covers of historic Fuzhou Rd book street

Sunday | City Scene

FUZHOU Road today is known as the destination to head for when you need to buy a book. But in the early 1900s, it was the red light district of Shanghai where visitors' minds were more on fulfilling carnal desires....

Find fine food and fashion in trendy Madang Rd's stylish options

Sunday | City Scene

SHANGHAI Xintiandi has established itself as an urban tourist attraction showcasing the historical and cultural legacies of the city. The fashionable entertainment area starts at the intersection of Madang and...

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