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Elegant scenes and relaxing options in Taicang Road's diversity

Sunday | City Scene

SITUATED on the fringe of Xintiandi, Taicang Road is a mix of old and new Shanghai. Starting from the junction of Madang Road, you cannot help but be in awe of the rich and elegant building styles of old Shanghai....

Fun stores in Zizhong Rd area

Sunday | City Scene

THE Xintiandi complex stands out as a good example of the way development can be combined with restoration - two blocks of restored shikumen houses have been filled with high-end restaurants, bars and boutiques. Very...

Indulge in the pampering delights of Dagu Road's lifestyle focus

Sunday | City Scene

DAGU Road is continually developing into a substantial lifestyle avenue and budding restaurant street, with a string of venues off its pleasant sidewalks on either side. It's the home of Haya's Mediterranean Cuisine,...

Mansions sprinkled between malls and offices on Nanjing Road

Sunday | City Scene

NANJING Road W. extending from Jing'an Temple area eastwards toward People's Square, is one of the most flourishing streets in Shanghai. The history of this former Bubbling Well Road reverts to the early years of...

New and old, ethos and style

Sunday | City Scene

THE talent and style of old and new Shanghai comes together on Changde Road, a street famous for its Changde apartments, once the home of renowned author Eileen Chang. The Shanghainese novelist was propelled to notoriety...

Short street blends the best of Shanghai's various personalities

Sunday | City Scene

YUEYANG Road seems to embody the differing personalities of Shanghai. This relatively short street manages to pack in a mix of old and new, and taking its visitors on a journey. From historical buildings and art, cuisine...

Soak up Yanqing Road's quiet

Sunday | City Scene

SITUATED just behind the high-profile Huaihai Road M., Yanqing Road is not often visited and is definitely not a typical destination for tourists to Shanghai. But if you enjoy exploring the old world charm of the city,...

Culture and history feature in a stroll along Huaihai Road

Sunday | City Scene

HUAIHAI Road M. is probably Shanghai's most visited road, embodying the vigor and essence of the city. Formerly named Avenue Joffre in the 1930s, this boulevard was well known in the Far East and reputed as "Oriental...

Rich panorama of items and food in Jianguo Rd discovery

Sunday | City Scene

AN exploration of Jianguo Road M.begins with Finest Yunnan Coffee, and New York Style Steak and Burger. With such fragrant food and drink, your mind finds it difficult to turn away. Yet Jianguo Road M. has much more...

Treasure caves of Tai'an Road

Sunday | City Scene

LOCATED between the more famous Huashan Road and Wukang Road, Tai'an Road is overshadowed to some extent. However, take a closer look and you'll detect its unique, unassuming beauty. The roadside boutiques, with...

Panyu Road stuns with elegant buildings and taste treats

Sunday | City Scene

THE journey along Panyu Road begins at Z98, a stunning structure full of imagination and inspiration. Startled by its unparalleled exterior design, you may find yourself too distracted to even keep walking. But to...

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