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Colors make small rooms larger

Feature | Home Deco

Colors make rooms appear more spacious and inviting - and new paint technology doesn't limit you to whites. Try LumiTech paint by Imperial Chemical Industries and solid surface materials by Dupont, writes Fei Lai. ...

Dos and don'ts of flat makeovers

Feature | Home Deco

Renovating an apartment is a daunting prospect regardless of location but with language, customs and different materials the situation in Shanghai requires special care, writes Jenny Hammond. Great apartments in...

Design concept all about lifestyle

Feature | Home Deco

A new lifestyle design house in Taikang Road has set its sights high with a range of unique products that defy stereotypes, as Yang Di reports. As Taikang Road attracts an increasing number of art lovers from...

Spice up your space simply and affordably for an updated look

Feature | Home Deco

If you are bored with the familiar look of your living space, it is easy to transform the feel of a room with a little effort, as Jenny Hammond reports. Around this time of year, New Year's Eve resolutions have...

Taikang Road takes on Kiwi flavor

Feature | Home Deco

An element of New Zealand has been infused into Taikang Road with the arrival of Bobbie Cornell. The Auckland native's new boutique designs and sells items that are heavily inspired by nature to create a simple yet effective look. Patsy Yang reports.

Clean lines create classic look

Feature | Home Deco

Australian transplant transforms old flat into cool city living space

Proper lighting sets the mood

Feature | Home Deco

To create that perfect ambience, good lighting is essential. Jenny Hammond finds out about some simple tricks that can be used to properly illuminate any space.

Lighting choice reflects individuality

Feature | Home Deco

If you are planning to redecorate your home by year end to create a fresh new look, perhaps one of the most important aspects will be your choice of lighting.

Warm ways to beat the winter chill

Feature | Home Deco

Staying warm in the cool weather is easy with a bit of careful planning Jenny Hammond.

Your wish is command

Feature | Home Deco

A new service to Shanghai offers those who can afford it their own personal butler capable of procuring anything and everything at the drop of a hat, writes Jennifer Hammond.

Designer marches to own beat

Feature | Home Deco

British designer Tom Dixon has never been known to do things conventionally. Despite no formal training in industrial design, he has experimented without constraint and developed his own attitude and style.

Trove of antique treasures

Feature | Home Deco

In the 1920s and 30s Shanghai was legendary - the Paris of the East. People's obsession with that period has lasted, with an ongoing fervor for the antique furniture and clothing of that time.

Desire for space a labor of love

Feature | Home Deco

When Simply Group founder Choon went looking for a local property at the end of 2004, he knew specifically what he wanted. His most basic need was a small apartment that was sufficient for himself and ideally a relatively quiet place along Huaihai Road.

Contemporary take on traditional country furniture of America

Feature | Home Deco

For if an interior design does indeed reflect the soul, our desire is to guide others through the personal journey from classical to modern in the hope that they find the courage and the inspiration they are looking for," said Bya Patzner at her newly opened furniture store Category Of 1 Interiors a cozy, shop on Shaanxi Road S.

Local touch brings classic elegance to Pudong villa

Feature | Home Deco

Siri Preststulen believes strongly in the integration of local culture and interior design to achieve a look which passes the test of time.

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