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Authorities act to keep out bird flu

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

LOCAL authorities are carrying out stricter checks on poultry and poultry products entering the city, alerted by the H5N1 bird flu virus detected in neighboring Jiangsu Province. Live poultry, except live chickens,...

Greenery plan calls for more parks in Baoshan

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

BAOSHAN District will set up a 400-hectare park in Gucun Township and build another 15 district-level parks in the near future, according to its greenery plan. Under the project, Baoshan's total greenery will...

Chongming fruit growers still face difficult times

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

CHONGMING mandarin growers say they still need help to sell this year's orange crop, even though about 60 percent has now been sold. More than 100,000 tons of mandarin oranges grown in Chongming County had been...

Orange parks

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

THE Shanghai Greenery Administrative Bureau allocated space at three local parks this week for mandarin orange sales. The fruit will be sold at Shanghai Botanical Garden, Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park and Guyiyuan...

Orange farmers getting squeezed

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

THE Shanghai Agricultural Commission has appealed to locals to buy more mandarin oranges to bail out Chongming farmers, as the present chilly weather threatens to spoil their produce. Three wholesale centers and...

Shanghai academy develops healthier type of corn

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

THE Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Science has successfully developed a more nutritious type of corn that will be available on the market soon. It has planted samples of the corn in the districts of Baoshan...

Minhang nearly completes rooftop garden project

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

MINHANG District will grow plants on 100,000 square meters of roofs this year to save energy, according to the Shanghai Greenery Administrative Bureau. The project, deemed the biggest of its kind in the city, is...

Agricultural base to sprout on Chongming Island

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

A MODERN agricultural base will be developed on Shanghai's Chongming Island and it will become a scenic spot outside World Expo Park in 2010. The 135-square-kilometer area will have a registered population of...

Rooftop gardens a growing trend in Shanghai

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

NEARLY 500,000 square meters of rooftop gardens have been planted on the top of buildings thus far in the city, the Shanghai Greenery Commission said yesterday, Wenhui Daily reported today. The gardens represent...

Farmers rally

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

LOCAL farmers have grown more than 1,333 hectares of vegetables after the plum rain season ended to guarantee supplies, the Shanghai Agricultural Commission has said. About 100 samples will be tested each month...

Plum rain veggies hit city markets

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

THE first crop of vegetables planted during the plum rain season are available in the market today, Jiefang Daily reported, adding the supply will stabilize prices if the weather cooperates. Vegetable gardens...

Shanghai guarantees annual grain output

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

THE city government pledged to guarantee grain output of 1 billion kilograms per year and produce 50 percent of vegetables consumed locally at a work conference on the development of the suburbs today. Officials...

Vegetable prices plummet

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

VEGETABLE prices in Shanghai have decreased by as much as 20 percent as a vast amount of produce from neighboring provinces flows into the city, a local newspaper reported today. The price of leaf-vegetables, including...

Minhang drives a real bargain on the streets

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

MINHANG District will allow more street vendors under the control of urban management after a trial proved to be successful. The city has banned street booths in the city's 79 main roads but allows each district...

Eel traders say prices set to soar

Metro | Agriculture and forestry

THE price of baby eel netted at the mouth of the Yangtze River would skyrocket this year, despite expectations of a bumper harvest, fishing industry sources said. Some industry insiders said the haul of baby eel...

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